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Visual Results for Audio Indicator Company

Visual Results for Audio Indicator Company
Lilly Software’s VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based

Projects Unlimited Inc. is responsible for many of the beeps, flashes, buzzes and vibrations that occur around us every day. A developer, manufacturer and supplier of buzzer and audio indicator technology, the company also features an aerospace and electronics division that offers circuit board assemblies, box assemblies and cables. Committed to a doctrine of continual improvement, PUI’s aerospace and electronics division augments its registration to both ISO 9001 and AS9100 with VISUAL Enterprise from Lilly Software. In order to maintain parity with its sister division, the audio and electronics section of PUI extended its relationship with Lilly and purchased VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based and VISUAL Enterprise to replace its enterprise resource planning system.

Before implementing Lilly Software’s applications at PUI, the company’s ERP system wasn’t oriented to the distribution center. This inefficiency predicated a platform change, and the aerospace and electronics division’s contentment with Lilly applications made the choice easy. “We knew our aerospace and electronics division was happy with the application, and Lilly Software has a history of being responsive to the needs of distributors,” says Bob Welton, PUI’s manager of information services. “We needed a system that would run on Oracle, and VISUAL DCMS fit our distribution requirements. Implementation went smoothly. Our employees worked hard, and we couldn’t ask for better cooperation between Lilly and PUI.”

Lilly’s VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based is designed specifically for companies that maintain simple work flows and perform manual routing. It’s marketed as a cost-effective alternative for smaller distributors who would like to take advantage of features included in Lilly’s standard radio frequency-enabled warehouse management system but can’t afford the standard expense attached to RF barcode scanning solutions. With the new Lilly system and its integrated tools in place, PUI was able to efficiently automate operations and track inventory within locations.

“We’re seeing significant benefits in order and inventory accuracy and improved traceability,” says Cyndie Weisenbarger, PUI operations manager. “This helps us increase our productivity and avoid time-consuming searches for parts. We use license plate numbers to follow the product throughout the warehouse, from receiving to quality control to the shelf and back to customers. With the data all in one system, we can now easily handle returns or quickly trace a lot from the vendor. Our picking accuracy has improved, our locations are defined and we know our counts are correct.”

The customer relationship and order management features in VISUAL Enterprise allow PUI to view and analyze every task within the system. The application also tracks customer information and histories, maintaining an audit trail of activities and keeping the information close at hand for users. PUI also benefits from VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based’s DC task manager window, which controls and monitors its warehouse and labor, efficiently maintaining location-level inventory accuracy. PUI now plans, organizes and assigns operational work using VISUAL and monitors all inbound, putaway and outbound transactions with the graphical DC scheduler.

“We have better overall visibility into the status of the stock,” explains Weisenbarger. “We also have reliable numbers about on-hand and on-location inventory, as well as more controls for user security. In the front office, we use the order management and customer service features to process orders from receipt to final shipping. We use DCMS to track all inbound and outbound activities and put inventory on hold for quality control. We could never do this before.”

As a result of the advances PUI has made with the VISUAL applications, the company is optimistic about its long-term relationship with Lilly Software. “I see VISUAL remaining a valuable tool to Projects Unlimited in the long term,” says Welton. “Lilly Software continues to develop and enhance its products, and we’re prepared for greater volumes--our No. 1 competitive advantage. We’re positioning ourselves to lead the marketplace, and VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based is supporting our achievements.”

Lilly Software’s VISUAL DCMS Paper-Based


  • RF barcode scanning capabilities
  • Wave management
  • Lot, serial number and expiration date control
  • Productivity measurement and costing tools