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Shooting Team Targets Barrel Flaws


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Shooting Team Targets Barrel Flaws
Gradient Lens Corp.’s Hawkeye Precision Borescope

Everything is metered here. Each breath is synchronized and predetermined, each heartbeat monitored, each movement calibrated to the stringent specifications of Olympic perfection. A 14-year-old girl raises her rifle with robotic calm, rests her cheek against the stock and peers through the scope--one slow breath--finds her target and counts three heartbeats--another slow, even sip of air--the world around her dissolves into darkness as she’s plunged into a 2x2 in. window of magnification. She pulls the trigger. The rifle’s report is an affirmation; her precision is incontrovertible. The target bears the surgically precise scars of her marksmanship, but she’s unimpressed. She’ll repeat the ritual hundreds of times over, committing each blink and breath to muscle memory, establishing an even stricter pattern of action. In competitive shooting, even the most miniscule tremble can prove disastrous. There’s no room for error, because she’s aiming for the 2004 Olympic games in Athens.

A marksman’s aim is only as good as his or her firearm. Modern rifles and pistols are intricate machines that require exceptional care and rigorous inspection in order to perform at consistently high levels. Even trivial marring or graft in the barrel of a firearm can drastically compromise the rifling, rendering even the most astute marksman subject more to luck than skill. Competitive shooting is a sport in which millimeters matter, and corrosion, wear and other defects must be eradicated to give the marksman his or her best chance to win. You can’t be sure that your firearm is free of these problems if you can’t see them, however. Luckily, Gradient Lens Corp. of Rochester, New York, has donated a Hawkeye Precision Borescope to the USA Shooting Team, ensuring that the Olympians’ firearms are as precise as the Olympians themselves.

Gradient Lens boasts a history of affiliation with national programs, and company alumni have attained high-profile governmental positions. The company’s founder, Duncan T. Moore, Ph.D., served as senior technical advisor to the president of the United States. The current president and chief scientist of Gradient Lens, Douglas Kindred, designed the Hawkeye, which has been sold to more than 18,000 customers since its introduction in 1996. Sold to automotive, aerospace, metalworking, home inspection, veterinary and shooting markets, the Hawkeye is lauded for its low cost and exceptional versatility. The bore-scope became an instant success with gunsmiths who use it to diagnose and solve firing problems, and a favorite inspection tool among benchrest enthusiasts.

The USA Shooting Team uses the Hawkeye to inspect new barrels, monitor the effectiveness of its cleaning techniques and check for erosion. This type of quality control is imperative to success on the world stage. “We’re always looking for that edge for our high-performance athletes,” says Olympic bronze medallist and two-time world champion Wanda Jewell, who also works as USA Shooting’s director of operations. “No athlete can accomplish his or her goals with equipment that isn’t at peak accuracy. This borescope, what it adds to our ability to monitor equipment, and our relationship with Gradient Lens, is an incredible addition to our team as we prepare for victory in Athens.”

As the USA Shooting Team prepares for the upcoming games in Athens, members of the squad can rest assured that their firearms are in top condition. Because flawless mechanical functionality is a prerequisite for victory, the peace of mind afforded by the Hawkeye Precision Borescope helps shooters maintain their focus on the target while reaching for the gold.

Gradient Lens Corp.’s Hawkeye Precision Borescope


  • Three diameter offerings: Slim, Hardy and SuperSlim
  • Direction-of-view is 00 straight ahead
  • Mirror tube adapter adds 900 direction-of-view
  • Stainless steel body and tube