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  • Animates processes to identify bottlenecks
  • Tracks resource, material and activity costs
  • Tests different "what if" scenarios

Modeling Software Speeds Service

GE Capital Auto Financial Services (AFS) needed a way to keep services from getting bogged down by bottlenecks that resulted from the high number of credit applications. AFS found a way to boost customer service with ProcessModel Inc.'s ProcessModel simulation modeling software.

 The credit process begins when an auto dealership faxes a potential customer's credit application to AFS. Data entry personnel enter the applicant's information and request a credit check. The application and credit bureau data is then forwarded to the credit manager, who reviews the information and approves or declines the application. The decision is faxed back to the dealer.

 In a survey, AFS customers identified application turnaround time and credit manager accessibility as critical factors in their satisfaction levels. Using the ProcessModel software, a cross- functional AFS team modeled the existing credit process and tested their ideas for ways to improve.

 ProcessModel creates computerized versions of business processes using a simple flowchart interface, then uses company-supplied data (such as the time needed to complete each process step) to determine how the process will perform under various scenarios. This allows companies to examine the effect of two important factors present in most businesses: randomness and interdependence. In addition, ProcessModel can handle such complicated process dimensions as elaborate shift schedules.

 The AFS team modeled two different credit process scenarios. One scenario established credit manager regional teams aligned by time zone. The other, a "pod model," matched credit manager schedules with sales force coverage and combined prime and sub-prime credit managers. The pod model reduced turnaround time by 58 percent and increased credit manager usage.

 ProcessModel can model any business process, such as order fulfillment, production and manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, accounting and collections, purchasing, and office or retail operations. Because the model realistically shows the systems, changes in the model can show the real-life effect of changes. This allows a company to examine its systems from a holistic perspective and watch how individual changes affect the entire system.

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