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Ballbar SOLO Pinnacle ProcessModel

Ballbar System Catches Errors Sooner
Renishaw QC10 Ballbar System

A Boeing tooling shop that manufactures assembly jigs and fixtures for complex aerospace components was looking for a way to cut down on costly rework. With the Renishaw QC10 ballbar system, the shop has found the ideal solution: verifying its computer-numeric-controlled machines prior to the process instead of relying on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for after-the-fact checks against the machines.  More...


Large-Volume CMM Measures Savings
Metronor SOLO

Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co., a leading manufacturer of body carriers used in automotive and other assembly plants, is saving time and preventing errors from occurring late in its processes by using SOLO, a new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). SOLO, from Metronor of Oslo, Norway, combines low cost with large volume capability and ease of use and has been successfully integrated into Dearborn's continuous efforts to improve product quality and provide customer-pleasing service. More...


Software Manages Large-Scale Training
Pinnacle Learning Manager

AlliedSignal, a worldwide advanced technology and manufacturing company specializing in aerospace and automotive products, needed a way to provide Web-based training for its nearly 71,000 employees around the world. After reviewing several products, the company chose Pinnacle Learning Manager (PLM), comprehensive training management software for local area network, intranet and Internet deployment. More...


Modeling Software Speeds Service

GE Capital Auto Financial Services (AFS) needed a way to keep services from getting bogged down by bottlenecks that resulted from the high number of credit applications. AFS found a way to boost customer service with ProcessModel Inc.'s ProcessModel simulation modeling software.  More...

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