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Jaguar Eyes Quality With In-Sight 1000C

Jaguar Eyes Quality With In-Sight 1000C
Cognex In-Sight 1000C Vision System

A smile spreads across your face as you pull your new X400 Jaguar into your driveway. Your neighbor, peering at you enviously through the window of his 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier, belies his chagrin with a quick wave and thumbs up. As you toss your head back in self-congratulatory jubilation, you notice something peculiar: The grab handles are misaligned above the windows. What’s more, the forest-green headliner strikes an ugly contrast against the crème interior, and the passenger-side visor is nonexistent.

Fortunately, new Jaguar owners will never have to experience this scenario; Cognex In-Sight 1000C vision systems are used throughout the Johnson Controls Automotive Speke plant in Merseyside, England, to prevent such problems.

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