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One of the recommendations I have always made to quality professionals of all levels is that they learn more about the science of management. This process yields two benefits: First, it gives them a better understanding of the world in which their customers (senior managers) live; second, it prepares them personally for a broader and more lucrative career. I worked to learn about management early in my career, and when I became vice president and director of quality at the ITT Corp., I lived as well as all of the other officers. When I started my own company in 1979, I knew what to do to make it successful.

 To help my colleagues learn, I created a videotape and audio tape series called "To Be an Executive by Choice." I call it a mini-MBA, and my company offers it on our Web site. The package begins with "The Executive and Positioning," a discussion of presentation, communication and helping. It then goes on to other subjects: personal philosophy, finance, quality, customers, suppliers, employees, bosses, families, communities, personal finance and, finally, the future. In each tape I personally discuss the subject, using examples from real life.

 If you practice the principles you learn from the tapes, you will gain respect within your company for being aware of what it takes to steer a company and a career. During my years as a quality professional, people were always very surprised to realize that I treated quality as a "first among equals." But they've treated and rewarded me differently as a result.


About the author

 Philip B. Crosby, a popular speaker and founder of Philip Crosby Associates--now PCA II--is also the author of several books, including Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life (Jossey-Bass, 1999). To order "To Be an Executive by Choice," visit his Web site at www.philipcrosby.com  or call (800) 223-3932. .

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