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2001 SPC Software Guide

W elcome to Quality Digest's 2001 SPC Software Guide. Included is a wide range of software dealing with SPC, problem-solving, statistical analysis, design of experiments, gage repeatability and reproducibility, and related operations.

 The matrix, which you can download by clicking here, contains an alphabetical listing of nearly 100 software companies and distributors and more than 190 software products. Product attributes are listed across from the products under broad categories for statistical quality control, statistical analysis, design of experiments and SPC, with each of these categories subdivided into specific product functions. The matrix is in PDF format and requires the free Acrobat reader.

 The gage R&R heading includes gage management and control products. An "x" under this heading signifies that a particular product performs one or more of those functions.

 Many different types of SPC software applications are available and can be applied in many ways. Some use the Internet; the software is used to create graphics files of SPC charts, which are then posted to a Web site. There, users can view them with a browser. More sophisticated Web applications allow a user with a standard Internet browser to click on data points and drill down into the data on a chart. The result is an almost real-time SPC information source accessible to anyone online.

 Other software packages establish accessibility on a corporatewide level via Oracle, Sybase, Lotus Notes or similar database applications. When this is done, raw data, charts and tables are instantly available to users. With critical files available through a corporate intranet, process shareholders are able to obtain information instantaneously, quickly processing any possible problems.

 Another recent introduction in SPC software use has affected the form in which the data is obtained. Hand-held computers (such as Palm Pilots and Handspring Visors) are used to collect data either manually or through special gage interfaces. This data is then uploaded to a desktop computer for SPC analysis.

 To maintain the quality of the SPC buyers guide, only those companies that fit within the scope of this guide are cataloged. Some products are listed more than once, under both their producers' and their distributors' names.

 As with all Quality Digest guides, the 2001 SPC Software Guide is intended to provide an impartial listing of software titles. The software listed in this directory have been neither evaluated nor endorsed by Quality Digest.

 Comments or questions referring to the buyers guide can be e-mailed to .

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