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Relex Achiever Plus Cognex

Scientific-Atlanta Improves Reliability With Relex Software
Relex Software Corp.'s RBD and Reliability Prediction Software

Scientific-Atlanta needed a software package that would automate the procedure while providing computational tools to improve accuracy. After evaluating several products on the market, Scientific-Atlanta selected Relex Software Corp.'s family of reliability analysis products.More...



Telecommunications Company Implements Achiever Plus
Achiever Business Solutions' Achiever Plus

International Telecom Co., which is known as Orange, is a fast-growing technology company comprising three separate business divisions: cellular, paging and telecommunications. The rapidly changing marketplace of the company's business groups requires a continual stream of new products and services, resulting in a tremendous burden of keeping staff informed. This truth led Orange to look for a way to speed up the efficiency of information distribution within the company. After evaluating several possible solutions, the company chose Achiever Business Solutions' Achiever Plus software. More...


Vision System Ensures Quality of Mascara Brushes
Cognex's Checkpoint

Geka Brush, a German designer and manufacturer of cosmetic brushes and applicators, needed a machine vision system for inspecting its mascara brushes. Given Geka's demanding throughput requirements, automated inspection was necessary. Geka chose the Checkpoint machine vision system from Cognex.More...


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