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2001 Calibration Software and Services Guide


You trust your testing equipment to help you catch defects and monitor production, so it's vital that this equipment be as well-maintained and precise as possible. Our 2001 Calibration Software and Services Guide provides the means for ensuring that your equipment is operating at its best, whether your goal is to meet ISO 9000 requirements for calibration control or simply to ensure that your testing equipment is receiving the maintenance it needs to function at its best.

 Correct, current calibration records help ensure that all testing equipment is accurate and that test results are reliable and traceable to a test standard. The right calibration software makes it easier to document and control calibration equipment, saving companies time and money and offering a definite advantage to organizations with internal quality programs such as those based on ISO 9000.

 Most calibration software is designed to control and collect data directly from a test instrument, analyze test result data, or manage labs by allowing users to track calibration histories by means of a relational database. Some products are able to perform all three functions. Although most commercial software is pre-packaged and ready to use, some companies also provide customized software solutions for their customers. Numerous software packages offer different capabilities for each specialization. Our guide includes companies that sell software for equipment calibration or calibration tracking.

 The guide, which you can download by clicking here,  lists companies that provide calibration services at a variety of sites for everything from gage blocks to humidity measuring instruments. You may find it more cost-effective for your company to outsource equipment calibration rather than incur the equipment and labor expenses of performing and tracking equipment calibration in-house. When selecting an outside supplier, consider such factors as lab accreditation, calibration standards traceability, pricing and turnaround speed.

 This guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. To ensure the accuracy of our listings, we've listed only details provided to us directly from the vendor. Each company has supplied contact information and a short description of its available calibration software or services. Companies that provide software and services appear under both headings.

 As with our other guides, we welcome your feedback. If you have any questions, comments or criticism, please e-mail them to .

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