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by Robert Green

Welcome to Quality Digests 2002 Gage Manufacturers Directory, which features nearly 150 manufacturers that produce a broad assortment of gages. Provided for each company listed in this directory, which you can download by clicking here, is detailed contact information, including telephone and fax numbers and, in most cases, a Web address.

In an attempt to further simplify your search, weve created a searchable (by gage type) database available at www.qualitydigest.com/directories . That online database also provides information about several gage distributors.

As with all Quality Digest directories, the 2002 Gage Manufacturers Directory is intended to provide readers with helpful information. The products listed in this guide have been neither evaluated nor endorsed by Quality Digest. Only those companies that responded to our requests for information are listed.

We hope that this resource will help you with your gage purchasing decision. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail them to Directories .


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