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Nothing but Net
by David Stauffer
(Capstone Ltd., $21.95)

Stauffer turns the story of Internet hardware supplier Cisco System's unparalleled growth into 10 broadly applicable business lessons you can use. The lessons include valuing your employees, listening to your customers and making acquisitions (a Cisco specialty). It's all packaged in an accessible format punctuated with plenty of practical advice.


Capitalize on Merger Chaos
by Thomas M. Grubb and Robert B. Lamb
(Free Press, $28)

Mergers cause chaos and, say the authors, create opportunities for those who know how to exploit it. Grubb and Lamb illustrate how to use your competitors' mergers to attract key employees and new customers and how to minimize the risk in your own mergers. This imaginative spin on mergers and acquisitions includes case studies from Dell, Boeing and Motorola.


The Reinventor's Fieldbook
by David Osborne and Peter Plastrik
(Jossey-Bass, $39)

Institutional readers will be especially interested in this oversized manual from the gurus of governmental reform. As the cover text claims, it includes a huge selection of practical tips, lessons and resources for revitalizing schools, public services and government agencies. The main theme: Adopt an entrepreneur's viewpoint to define purpose, reward employees, implement a culture of accountability and improve internal attitudes.


Leadership and Self-Deception
by The Arbinger Institute
(Berrett-Koehler, $22)

The consultants at The Arbinger Institute have come up with another problem for managers to worry about: They believe that we not only cause problems for ourselves without realizing it, but that we tend to blame outside causes for those problems, thus making change impossible. This book explores what that means for leaders using a fictionalized presentation that details the pitfalls of self-deception and methods for overcoming it.



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