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Defective Materials Software Slashes Returned Products Processing Time
Trackware Inc. QSTracker

For Trazar Co., which makes components vital to semiconductor manufacturing, processing products returned by customers for refurbishment or repair as quickly and efficiently as possible is critical. Trazar, based in Santa Clara, California, is one of the world's leading suppliers of automatic impedance matching units (AMUs), which ignite the plasma used to etch silicon wafers.

 "Our customers depend on Trazar AMUs to keep production going and yields high," says Reynold A. Martinez, COO of Trazar. "When customers call to ask about customer-returned products, we must be able to tell them exactly what's being done and how long it will take. Trackware Inc.'s QSTracker Corrective Action System makes it easy for us to give our customers immediate, accurate answers on the status of their AMUs.".More...



Software Helps Synthetics Company Achieve ISO 9000 Registration
QSI Compliance Management Software

For Goodyear Chemical, the largest producer of synthetic rubber in the world, maintaining documents isn't as simple as keeping a tidy filing cabinet. Goodyear Chemical, which supplies specialty polymer and rubber chemicals for use in a diverse range of products (including golf balls, latex gloves, paints, automotive belts and hoses), employs 2,300 people worldwide. Understandably, the Akron, Ohio-based company needed a better way to access, exchange and control documentation at all of its sites. It found the solution in a software package from QSI. More...


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