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Aeronautical Supplier Puts the Brakes on Defects
FARO Technologies FaroArm

You can rely on the laws of physics to stop a plane; the trick is making that stop both efficient and safe. For more than 20 years jet plane manufacturers have turned to the Dee Howard Co.'s braking systems to help accomplish that feat. To produce even better systems faster and less expensively, Dee Howard has turned to FARO Technologies' FaroArm portable measurement arm.

 Given the incredible speed and inertia produced by today's commercial jets, braking systems for jet engines are as technically sophisticated as they are crucial. These braking systems, or thrust reversers (TRs), are curved metal flaps that open up at the rear of an engine pod and redirect the high-powered air flow to curb the plane's forward motion. FARO's 3-D articulating coordinate measuring arms have helped Dee Howard produce its TRs more efficiently. More...

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