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Vision Systems Guide

by Robert A. Green, Hallie Gorman and Laurel Thoennes

Vision systems technology and availability are both soaring to new heights as more industries find vision systems to be useful in practical applications. Each year, a growing number of manufacturers introduce new products and services to meet the increasing demand for video inspection and noncontact measuring in product manufacturing.

 Various vision systems use an array of technologies, including measuring and detecting microscopes, miniature cameras, lasers, X-rays and high-resolution cameras mounted on CMMs. Among the most common components of these systems are cameras, frame grabbers, PCs and software.

 The range of uses for vision systems is equally varied. Online gaging and measurement, orientation, presence/absence, parts sorting, foreign-material detection, and high-volume part inspection and installation verification represent just a few of the ways in which this important manufacturing technology can be put to work.

 Quality Digest's 2001 Vision Systems Guide is more inclusive than ever, featuring more than 60 vision systems products from more than 45 manufacturers that responded to our information requests. The guide, which you can download by clicking here, presents an alphabetical listing of these companies, including the company's contact information (address, phone number, fax and Web address) and descriptions of specific products and services, if provided.

 As with all of our guides, the Vision Systems Guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. It's instead intended to assist readers in the search for the products and services they desire. To ensure the guide's accuracy, we only list information that the vendors directly provide to us.

 If you find this guide helpful or have any observations or questions you'd like to share, please contact us by phone or fax, or e-mail us at vision@qualitydigest.com .

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