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ISO 9000 Consultants Directory

by Robert Green

Welcome to Quality Digest's 2002 ISO 9000 Consultants Directory. In this special section, which you can download by clicking here, you'll find a directory of about 170 consultants specializing in quality systems requirements and standards, including ISO 9000 as well as ISO 14000, CE marking, AS9100, QS-9000, QS-9000's Tooling and Equipment Supplement, TL 9000 and others.


 In our directory, we've provided basic contact information (i.e., address, phone and fax numbers, and Web site address) for each company that replied to our requests for information. To ensure the accuracy of the information we provide you, we've only included those companies that have recently updated/confirmed our database information.

 For expanded information for each company, visit . There you'll find a searchable (e.g., by standard or regions served) database plus a company description of each consultant in our database.

 The 2002 ISO 9000 Consultants Directory, as with all Quality Digest guides, is in no way meant to promote any one organization over another. The guide is designed to provide you with a starting point in your research; we encourage you to contact more than one consultant directly to determine which would best meet your company's particular needs.

 We appreciate any feedback you might have on our directories. If you have a suggestion for how we can improve this directory next year, e-mail it to Directories .


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