Balance of Power
by James R. Lucas

Successful managers must maintain the precarious balance between "getting it done" and empowering their staff. Balance of Power (AMACOM, 1998) looks at the nature of power in today's companies and asks: What is the right balance between authority and empowerment? Author James Lucas calls the perfect equilibrium between these two polarities "interdependence" -- a situation in which employees have enough decision-making authority to do their jobs well, while not being burdened with the wrong responsibilities. The book shows how to reach interdependence by examining such issues as quantity and quality of power, and power myths and how they affect workers.

Picture Picture

by Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer

In Blur: The Speed   of Change in the Connected Economy (Addison-Wesley, 1998), authors Davis and Meyer examine an information/network economy changing at warp speed. The convergence of speed, intangibles and connectivity is challenging every dimension of business behavior to its core. Anyone who thinks that business can be sustained by the old rules of mass production, segmented pricing and stable organizations needs to think again -- or better yet, read this book. The authors offer readers a working model to illustrate the new rules of the connected economy, where advantage is temporary and nothing is fixed in time or space.


The Leader's Handbook
by Peter R. Scholtes

Author, educator and quality leader Peter Scholtes shows in The Leader's Handbook: A Guide to Inspiring Your People and Managing the Daily Workflow (McGraw-Hill, 1998) how bad systems, not bad workers, cause the vast majority of management problems. Scholtes takes controversial stands against performance appraisals and incentive compensation. He leads readers from theory to practice with a wide variety of insightful, deceptively simple activities and exercises to help leaders immediately begin implementing breakthrough improvements. The book relates, in a witty and understandable format, the knowledge necessary for a leader to improve an organization.


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