1999 ISO 9000
Software Buyers Guide

Software Categories

4.1 Management responsibility

4.2 Quality system

4.3 Contract review

4.4 Design control

4.5 Document and data control

4.6 Purchasing

4.7 Control of customer-supplied product

4.8 Product identification and traceability

4.9 Process control

4.10 Inspection and testing

4.11 Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment

4.12 Inspection and test status

4.13 Control of nonconforming product

4.14 Corrective and preventive action

4.15 Handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery

4.16 Control of quality records

4.17 Internal quality audits

4.18 Training

4.19 Servicing

4.20 Statistical techniques

As influential a tool as ISO 9000 has become for companies trying to achieve widespread recognition and a reputation for having a good quality system in place, no one has ever said the application process is easy. Striving for ISO 9000 certification can feel akin to attempting to slay the Hydra: It's hard to know where to start, and more difficulties seem to appear for each one conquered. Fortunately, a wide variety of software products have been designed to help quality managers and teams with the Herculean task of preparing for the certification process.

In the following directory, which you can download by clicking here, you will find more than 275 software products that aid users in various aspects of ISO 9000 documentation or implementation (or both). Types of software range from products specifically designed to meet the demands of ISO 9000, such as documentation and calibration management, to more general titles that cover important areas, such as statistical process control and failure analysis.

This directory require Acrobat 4.0, which you can download by clicking on the following icon.


The following product listing includes the names, telephone numbers, Web addresses and participating companies' products. Where we were able, we included every product each company submitted, but space restrictions prevented us from listing all products. All software listed in this guide helps users meet one or more of the 20 ISO 9000 elements.

As with all our guides, the ISO 9000 Software Guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. It is meant to be used as the starting point in the data-gathering phase. To ensure the accuracy of the information, we list only information that we have collected ourselves.

If you find this guide helpful or have any observations you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail us at isoguide@qualitydigest.com.

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