Choosing a CMM: Selecting the System Thatīs Best for You
CMMs are now being used by virtually all types and sizes of manufacturing companies.
by Steve Meredith


. Using Microsoft Excel for Weibull Analysis
 The Weibull distribution's virtually limitless versatility is matched by Excel's countless capabilities.
by William W. Dorner



. 1999 CMM Buyers GuideCmmbrwns
A complete index to more than 30 CMM manufacturers' and distributors' products. Includes critical specs of each company's CMMs.

 . CE Marking: Selling Products in Europe Cemarkwe
An area of potential confusion for manufacturers, CE Marking can be made easier by carefully following the prescribed steps laid out by the directives.
by Korina Ortiz

 . 1999 State Quality Awards Directory
State and regional quality awards continue to grow in popularity across the United States, many of them resulting from the impact of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
by Elizabeth R. Larson
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