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Tecnomatix eMPower Solutions


  • Provides standardized interpretations of design specifications
  • Creates off-line, collision-free programs for CMMs and NC machine tools
  • Eliminates the need to translate original CAD part model and data

Automaker Implements Digital Manufacturing Program
Tecnomatix eMPower Solutions

One of the largest employers in western Japan, Hiroshima-based Mazda Motor Corp. manufactures passenger cars and commercial vehicles. To speed time-to-market and improve the overall quality of the cars and commercial vehicles it produces, the company implemented its Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI) program. At the core of the MDI program is Tecnomatix Technologies' eMPower solutions. Mazda uses the Tecnomatix eMPower quality software to define, predict, measure and analyze tolerances throughout the entire industrial process. The software ensures that tolerances are correctly specified during the design phase and fully adhered to during the manufacturing and assembly processes. At every stage of the industrial process, the eMPower Quality tools provide a dedicated solution to minimize variations, reduce engineering changes, and help ensure that parts are manufactured according to the designer's intent.

 Tecnomatix's eMPower CarBody solution enables Mazda's advanced facilities and production operations to design, simulate and optimize production-engineering processes. As a result, the company is able to increase the quality of manufacturing processes such as robotic spot welding and manual operations and substantially reduce production engineering staff hours.

 "The MDI program defines three components of automotive manufacturing for Mazda: the digital world of design, product and process design; the physical world of machining, assembling and manufacturing; and the information world that serves as a base spanning from planning to production," says Yoshimi Okada, Mazda's information systems division senior staff manager. "With the full-scale implementation of the Tecnomatix eMPower software in our MDI program, Mazda will achieve its objectives to shorten the development period from design fix to mass production to 18 months, reduce research and development staff hours by 30 percent, reduce development costs by 20 percent and reduce facility investment by 40 percent."

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