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2000 Calibration
Software and Services
Buyers Guide

by Laurel Thoennes and Jesse Jones


You trust your calibration equipment to help you catch defects, so it's vital that your equipment be as well-maintained and precise as possible. Our 2000 Calibration Software and Services Buyers Guide provides the means for ensuring that your equipment is operating at its best, whether your goal is to meet ISO 9000 requirements for calibration control or simply to ensure that your testing equipment is receiving the maintenance it needs to function properly.

 Correct, up-to-date calibration records help show that all testing equipment is accurate and that test results are reliable and traceable to a test standard. The right calibration software makes it easier to document and control calibration equipment, saving companies time and money and offering a definite advantage to organizations with internal quality programs such as ISO 9000.

 Most calibration software is designed to control and collect data directly from a test instrument, analyze test result data, or manage labs by allowing users to track calibration histories via a relational database. Some products are able to perform all three functions. Although most commercial software is prepackaged and ready to use, some companies also provide customized software solutions. Numerous software packages offer different capabilities for each specialization. Our guide includes 40 companies that sell software for equipment calibration or calibration tracking.

 The following  lists 58 companies that provide calibration services at a variety of sites for everything from gage blocks to humidity-measuring instruments. You may find it more cost-effective for your company to outsource equipment calibration rather than incur the equipment and labor expenses of performing and tracking equipment calibration in-house. When selecting an outside supplier, consider such factors as lab accreditation, calibration standards traceability, pricing and turnaround speed.

 This guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. To ensure the accuracy of our listings, we've listed only details provided to us directly from the vendor. Each company has supplied contact information and a short description of its available calibration software or services. Companies that provide software and services appear under both headings.

 As with our other buyers guides, we'll gladly respond to reader feedback and will continue to refine the format and type of information included here. If you have any comments about this guide, please contact us by telephone at (530) 893-4095, by fax at (530) 893-0395 or by e-mail at calservice@qualitydigest.com .


Calibration Software


Calibration Services


Company Directory

4a Better Business Inc.

Checklist for Evaluating Calibration Management Software helps you compare software you choose on more than 300 elements in more than 12 categories. It includes an optional numeric ranking system and suggested test strategies and is Microsoft Excel-based.


A.A. Jansson Inc.

  • 2070 Airport Road
  • Waterford, MI 48327
  • Ph. 800-526-7766 Fax 248-674-1234
  • www.aajansson.com

A.A. Jansson offers full NIST-traceable, A2LA-certified calibration services on gage blocks, surface plates, vision systems, hand measuring tools, optical comparators, hardness testers and much more.


Absolute Clarity & Calibration LLC


ACTCO Metrology Services

ACTCO provides calibration and verification services using a digital laser interferometer. This equipment provides accuracies at submicron levels with traceability to national standards. FAIs, ISIRs and PPAPs on both contact and video CMMs.


Advanced Assembly Group

  • 23640 Research Drive
  • Farmington Hills, MI 48335
  • Ph. 243-476-7875 Fax 248-473-7699
  • www.aagtools.com

Advanced Assembly Group provides calibration
service for load cells and DC-electric and pneumatic fastening tools.


Advanced Systems & Designs Inc.

  • 1100 Owendale, Suite J
  • Troy, MI 48083
  • Ph. 248-689-4800 Fax 248-689-8811
  • www.asdspc1.com

Advanced Systems & Design's complete SPC software solution consists of design of experiments; ANOVA-TM, which utilizes Taguchi methods; DOS and Windows solutions for stand-alone PCs or networks; SPC1+; ISO 9000; gage calibration; and audit software.


Ahlegian Precision

  • 10106 Chipmunk Ridge Drive
  • Concord Township, OH 44077
  • Ph. 440-352-9921 Fax 440-352-9929
  • www.ahlegian.com

Customers worldwide calibrate and measure with Ahlegian's custom and standard optical comparator charts. Available in 0.050-in. thick vinyl, 0.050-in. thick CTG Lexan and glass (1/8 in. to 1/4 in.). Calibration scales are accurate within 1 Ám and NIST-traceable. Ahlegian offers complete calibration services for optical comparators, milling machines and grinders.



  • 1114 Cathedral Lane
  • Norristown, PA 19403
  • Ph. 888-306-8405 Fax 610-539-4225
  • www.spc4mfg.com

Altegra's GageManager performs gage calibrations and tracks calibrations, GR&Rs, repairs and gage usage. Its innovative screen design keeps information at your fingertips. It works with Microsoft SQL Server, and customization and integration are available.


American Calibration Inc.

  • 4410 Route 176, Suite 14
  • Crystal Lake, IL 60014
  • Ph. 815-356-5839 Fax 815-356-5851
  • www.amercal.com

American Calibration offers calibration, repair and sales on test equipment, including Rockwell hardness testers, optical comparators and torque wrenches. Calibration and repair of gages, including gage blocks, pin gages, thread gages, micrometers and calipers are also available.


American Quality Systems Inc.

  • 2708 E. Grand River Ave.
  • Howell, MI 48843
  • Ph. 800-776-3090 Fax 800-776-3099
  • www.aqsinc.com

ProGAGE1 is an affordable ISO 9000/QS-9000-
compliant calibration management system. Features include customizable reports, support for single-user or shared network use, calibration label printing and more.


Angrave Metrology & Supply

  • P.O. Box 1825
  • Waterbury, CT 06722
  • Ph. 800-827-7487 Fax 203-753-0633
  • www.angrave.com

Angrave Metrology & Supply calibrates, distributes and repairs measuring tools, including thread and plain gages, optical tools, force and hardness gages, surface plates, micrometers, and calipers. Angrave distributes Gage Insite Calibration Software and is ISO 9002-registered.


Assurance Technologies Inc.

  • 396 Fenton Lane, Suite 605
  • West Chicago, IL 60185
  • Ph. 630-231-4800 Fax 630-231-8844
  • www.atiquality.com

ATI, an ISO 9001-registered corporation, offers a full spectrum of services to meet your calibration and repair requirements. We service most metrology equipment and hand gages.


Blanchette Tool & Gage Manufacturing Corp.

  • 845 Bloomfield Ave.
  • Clifton, NJ 07012
  • Ph. 973-471-2100 Fax 973-471-2104

Established in 1954, Blanchette's metrology lab provides NIST-traceable gage calibration and inspection services. Blanchette also offers layout and contract CMM inspection of molds, fixtures and piece parts.


Blue Mountain Quality Resources Inc.

  • 208 W. Hamilton Ave.
  • State College, PA 16801
  • Ph. 800-982-2388 Fax 814-234-7077
  • www.coolblue.com

Calibration Manager 3.0 is a flexible software package designed to track equipment calibration to meet ISO 9000, QS-9000 and other quality standards. Features include Calibrator Tie-In, Satellite, gage R&R modules, auto reminder, electronic signature, customizable reports and OLE.


Brooklyn Thermometer Co. Inc.

Brooklyn Thermometer Co. offers NIST-traceable calibration services for thermometers, hydrometers and hygrometers. It offers quick delivery and has a large variety of certified thermometers in stock.


Cal Lab Co. Inc.

  • 17035 Westview Ave.
  • South Holland, IL 60473
  • Ph. 800-373-1759 Fax 708-596-5802
  • www.callabco.com

Cal Lab Co. provides on-site and in-house calibration and repair service of electronic and mechanical/dimensional instrumentation. Cal Lab is accredited to ISO Guide 25, ISO 9002-registered and NIST-traceable.


Cannon Instrument Co.

  • P.O. Box 16
  • State College, PA 16804
  • Ph. 800-676-6232 Fax 814-353-8007
  • www.cannon-ins.com

Cannon Instrument Co. calibrates glass capillary viscometers (all types), viscosity cups and kinematic viscosity thermometers and manufactures certified viscosity standards. Viscosity certification of customer-supplied materials is also available.


Cargille Laboratories Inc.

  • 55 Commerce Road
  • Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
  • Ph. 973-239-6633 Fax 973-239-6096

Cargille Laboratories manufactures calibrated optical liquids and offers calibration services. Cargille's specialty optical liquid catalog includes comparative diagrams of glasses and optical liquids.


Cincinnati Precision Instruments

  • 253 Circle Freeway Drive
  • Cincinnati, OH 45246
  • Ph. 800-686-3730 Fax 513-874-2536
  • www.cpi1stop.com

CPI offers calibration services in-house and on-site, repair of precision tools, sale of new tools, and a calibration management software solution.


CMM Technology Inc.

CMM Technology provides CMM calibrations in 17 states without charging travel expenses. CMM repair and retrofits are available for manual and CNC CMMs. CMM Technology also offers certified pre-owned CMMs with a one-year warranty.


CPM Labs

  • 2945 Kilgore Road
  • Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
  • Ph. 916-635-4489 Fax 916-635-4434

CPM Lab's philosophy and mission is to provide accurate, affordable, traceable service. CPM Labs specializes in assuring the quality of measuring instruments, on time and on budget.


CyberMetrics Corp.

  • 12900 Hall Road, Suite 435
  • Sterling Heights, MI 48313
  • Ph. 800-777-7020 Fax 810-726-7677
  • www.cybermetrics.com

GAGEtrack is the leading calibration management software solution used by thousands of companies worldwide. It's available in versions ranging from the affordable, easy-to-use SE package to comprehensive Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server client/server network versions.


DataMyte/Rockwell Automation

  • 14960 Minnetonka Industrial Road
  • Minnetonka, MN 55345
  • Ph. 952-935-7704 Fax 952-935-0018
  • www.datamyte.com

DataMyte's EnGage! gage management software provides paperless data transfer between end users and calibration labs. EnGage! tracks factory floor gages, laboratory meters, electronic instruments or any other device that requires regularly scheduled calibration.


DH Instruments Inc.

DH Instruments Inc. provides high-accuracy pressure and mass-flow calibration standards and services, including: PG7000 reference-level pressure standards; PPC2+ pressure controller/calibration systems; RPM3 reference pressure monitors; molbloc/molbox mass-flow calibration systems; and COMPASS calibration software. Calibration service, repair and training is also provided.



Dickson provides a free calibration tracking and reminder service. Register any of your instruments with calibrationclub.com to receive free e-mail reminders whenever those instruments are due for calibration.


Dimensional Inspection Labs

  • 43154 Christy St.
  • Fremont, CA 94538
  • Ph. 510-623-8940 Fax 510-623-8655
  • www.d-i-l.com

Dimensional Inspection Labs offers high-quality contract inspection services. Metrology is performed to ISO 9000/QS-9000 requirements.


DOX Calibration Inc.

DOX Calibration performs NIST-traceable calibration and resurfacing of granite surface plates. Calibration on both customers' surface plates and DOX Calibration's equipment is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC Guide 25, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO-9002 and ISO-10012-1.


Endevco Corp.

  • 30700 Rancho Viejo Road
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
  • Ph. 949-493-8181 Fax 949-661-7231
  • www.endevco.com

Endevco provides NIST-traceable environmental, vibration and shock-calibration services for accelerometers, pressure transducers, velocity coils and vibration signal conditioners in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994. Windows 95 and NT software automates accelerometer shock and vibration calibrations.


EtQ Inc.

  • 399 Conklin St., Suite 208
  • Farmingdale, NY 11735
  • Ph. 800-354-4476 Fax 516-293-0784
  • www.etq.com

EtQ provides software to create, collaborate, manage and distribute critical forms and documents to achieve/maintain a management system for ISO 9000/QS-9000, ISO 14000 and similar standards for quality and environmental management.


Flexbar Machine Corp.

  • 250 Gibbs Road
  • Islandia, NY 11749
  • Ph. 800-879-7575 Fax 631-582-8487
  • www.flexbar.com

Flexbar offers calibration and traceability to NIST for a wide range of gaging and other products. This service is offered for new products purchased from Flexbar and for Flexbar products in need of recalibration.


Fluke Corp.

  • 6920 Seaway Blvd.
  • Everett, WA 98203
  • Ph. 800-443-5853 Fax 425-446-5116
  • www.fluke.com

Fluke calibration hardware and software products are backed by a comprehensive package of support services that includes an online user bulletin board, 24-hour fax line, e-mail access and telephone hotline.


Fred V. Fowler Co. Inc.

  • 66 Rowe St.
  • Newton, MA 02466
  • Ph. 800-788-2353 Fax 617-332-4137
  • www.fvfowler.com

Fred V. Fowler Co. offers QMSOFT (quality management software) enabling the monitoring of measuring equipment. QMSOFT offers optional calibration modules for plain and thread rings, plugs, calipers and more.


Fryer Co. Inc.

  • 11177 Dundee Road
  • Huntley, IL 60142
  • Ph. 847-669-2000 Fax 847-669-2056
  • www.fryerco.com

Fryer Co. has more than 30 years of industrial measuring system service and calibration experience and utilizes an ISO 17025-compliant quality system (in process of accreditation). Fryer calibrates optical comparators, measurescopes, video measuring systems and reticules.


Gage-Line Technology Inc.

  • 121 La Grange Ave.
  • Rochester, NY 14613
  • Ph. 716-458-2000 Fax 716-458-0524
  • www.gage-line.com

Gage-Line Technology offers NIST-traceable calibration services for chart gages, sight gages, microscopes, reticles, Brinell scopes, resolution targets, target arrays, pi-tapes, tape measures, protractors, master parts, vision grids and scales (NVLAP). Gage-Line is ISO 9001-compliant and its Guide 25 ISO/IEC accreditation is pending.


Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory

Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory (ISO 9001- and ISO/IEC Guide 25-certified) offers NIST- and NPL-traceable stage micrometers for optical microscopes and SEMs to an accuracy of 0.1 Ám.


GKS Inspection Services Inc.

  • 37100 Plymouth Road
  • Livonia, MI 48150
  • Ph. 800-346-3898 Fax 734-953-9635
  • www.gks3d.com

GKS provides on-site and in-house calibration and certification of fixtures and gages, including R&R certification, masters and hand gages. GKS is accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 25 by A2LA.


GMP Labeling Inc.

  • 525 W. Remington Drive #102
  • Sunnyvale, CA 94807
  • Ph. 408-522-3200 Fax 408-522-3212
  • www.gmplabeling.com

GMPrint allows users to customize labels with laser sheet-feed or pin-feed labels. Users merely specify dimensions and content of custom labels, and GMPrint does the rest.


The Harrington Group Inc.

Calibration Recall 3.5 helps users maintain a calibration system by tracking required information and producing the documentation necessary to show compliance.


Helm Instrument Co. Inc.

Helm Instrument Co. Inc. offers force measurement and control systems, sensors, and software.


Hertzler Systems Inc.

  • 2312 Eisenhower Drive N.
  • Goshen, IN 46526
  • Ph. 219-533-0571 Fax 219-533-3885
  • www.hertzler.com

Hertzler Systems' QA/S GainSeeker GageTrol software tool helps maintain critical gage calibration standards and documentation. It also provides critical GR&R analysis to ensure accurate measurements. GageTrol aids in compliance with ISO 9000's and QS-9000's section 4.11 on inspection, measuring and test equipment.


IET Labs Inc.

  • 534 Main St.
  • Westbury, NY 11590
  • Ph. 800-899-8438 Fax 516-334-5988
  • www.ietlabs.com

IET Labs provides calibration, repair service and IEEE-488 test software for test and calibration equipment; resistance, capacitance and inductance decade boxes and standards; voltage source; RTD simulator; Kelvin-Varley divider; micro-ohmmeter; megohmmeter and impedance meter.


IndySoft Corp.

  • 355 Woodruff Road, Suite 102
  • Greenville, SC 29607
  • Ph. 864-627-8858 Fax 603-754-9531
  • www.indysoft.com

Gage InSite calibration and equipment management software allows users to recall and calibrate equipment, digitally store calibration information and certificates, store calibration procedures, perform studies according to AIAG standards, and track accuracy and dependability.


Information Technologies

  • 325 W. Main St., Suite 800
  • Louisville, KY 40202
  • Ph. 800-221-6435 Fax 502-561-1235
  • www.infotech-usa.com

Features of PlantMan Solutions software for manufacturing quality data-collection and cost-reduction solutions include inspection, administration, layout manager, routing, costing and alert service. Touch screen, stylus and radio frequency are also available.


Instrument Calibration Service International

Instrument Calibration Service International (ICSI) delivers electronic, physical/dimensional, RF and temperature NIST-traceable calibration services. ICSI is ISO 9002-registered and QS-9000- and ISO 17025-compliant. Pickup and delivery services are available throughout the Midwest.


Instrument Calibration & Technical Services Inc.

  • 1013 E. Main St.
  • Salem, VA 24153
  • Ph. 800-293-7977 (VA Only) Fax 540-387-3202
  • www.instcal.com

Instrument Calibration & Technical Services Inc. provides electronic and dimensional calibration and repair service for a wide variety of manufacturers and models of test and measurement instruments through a quality system registered to ISO 9002.


International Institute of Consulting and Training

International Institute of Consulting and Training experts provide calibration procedures and professional training meeting the exacting demands of ISO 9000, QS-9000 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


IQS Inc.

  • 19706 Center Ridge Road
  • Cleveland, OH 44116
  • Ph. 800-635-5901 Fax 440-333-3752
  • www.iqs.com

IQS Calibrate calibration management software manages measuring device and test equipment inventory, schedules calibrations, documents activities and performs R&R studies, including R&R ANOVA, R&R range, R&R attribute, accuracy, stability and linearity.


JBL Systems Inc.

  • 51410 Milano
  • Macomb, MI 48042
  • Ph. 810-677-6700 Fax 810-677-5700
  • www.jblsys.com

JBL Systems' GAGE Management software, which includes a Palm Pilot option, can be used to track history, schedule calibrations, track locations, manage manpower and generate work orders quickly and efficiently. Gage Management software can be used to manage 50 or 50,000 gages.


JFP Technical Services Inc.

  • 7552-G St. Clair Ave.
  • Mentor, OH 44060
  • Ph. 440-946-6577 Fax 440-946-5011

JFP Technical Services specializes in NIST-traceable calibration services, including calibration of hand-held torque wrenches, torque drivers, crimping tools and force gages.


Kavon International Inc.

  • 12275 Bean Road
  • Chardon, OH 44024
  • Ph. 888-637-9598 Fax 440-286-9510
  • www.kavon.com

Gage Master provides gage and calibration control that complies with element 4.11 of ISO 9000/QS-9000, including R&R. Total Gage Management manages a client's gage inventory.


L.S. Starrett Co., Webber Gage Division

  • 24500 Detroit Road
  • Cleveland, OH 44145
  • Ph. 440-835-0001 Fax 440-892-9555

L.S. Starrett Co.'s Webber Gage Division provides NVLAP- and ISO/IEC Guide 25-accredited gage block calibration services.


Laser Measurement Services Inc.

  • 301 Montreal St.
  • Playa del Rey, CA 90293
  • Ph. 310-822-5851 Fax 310-822-9394

Laser Measurement Services provides in-plant laser calibrations, specializing in Boeing ATA, B89 and BS.54 certifications.


Ledford Gage Lab Inc.

Ledford Gage Lab offers sales, NIST-traceable calibration and certification of dimensional test and measurement equipment, including gage blocks, thread and cylindrical gaging and precision tools.


Mahr Federal Inc.

  • 1144 Eddy St.
  • Providence, RI 02940
  • Ph. 800-333-4243 Fax 401-784-3246
  • www.mahrfederal.com

Mahr Federal Inc. offers calibration services for a wide range of gages and dimensional standards. Mahr Federal is ISO 9001-registered and in compliance with ISO/IEC Guide 25 and ISO 10012-1.


Martin Instrument

Martin Instrument offers calibration and repair of dimensional, electronic, force, torque, pressure, vacuum, temperature, and humidity inspection and testing equipment as well as training and sales of new and used measuring equipment and EnGage! calibration management software.


Measurement Methods

Measurement Methods provides CMM calibration, repair, upgrade, training and used CMM sales, specializing in Mitutoyo equipment. Measurement Methods is a member SICMMSE and A2LA and is ISO/IEC Guide 17025-accredited.


Metrology Support Group Inc.

  • 9210 Wyoming Ave N.
  • Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
  • Ph. 800-814-4077 Fax 763-391-8175
  • www.msg-web.com

We offer NIST-traceable CMM calibrations, repair and diagnostic services, emergency service, controller and software upgrades, complete CMM refurbishing/reconditioning, pre-owned machines available for purchase and new CMM measuring software.


Micro Laboratories Inc.

Micro Laboratories is A2LA-accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 25. It can calibrate gage blocks, gage pins, micrometers, calipers, length standards, height gages, precision squares, plain ring gages, set masters and more.


Miller & Weber Inc.

Established in 1941, Miller & Weber is the only ISO 9001-registered manufacturer, designer and calibrator of precision liquid-in-glass thermometers in the United States. It also has an ISO/IEC Guide 25-accredited calibration laboratory for liquid-in-glass and bi-metal thermometers.


Milwaukee Technologies Inc.

  • 7620 W. Clarke St.
  • Milwaukee, WI 53213
  • Ph. 888-366-6789 Fax 414-453-8558

Milwaukee Technologies provides sales, parts, repairs and rebuilds of Brinell hardness testers; Brinell microscopes; certified stage micrometers; and calibration and test blocks for floor, bench, portable and hand-held models.


MKS Instruments Inc.

  • 6 Shattuck Road
  • Andover, MA 01810
  • Ph. 978-975-2350 Fax 978-975-0093
  • www.mksinst.com

MKS Instruments Inc. is the world's broadest source of instruments and components for vacuum and gas-based processes and provides worldwide calibration and manufacturing capabilities. Serving a wide variety of industries, MKS manufactures instrumentation to measure, control, calibrate, contain and analyze process gases.


Morehouse Instrument Co. Inc.

Morehouse Instrument Co. offers NIST-traceable force calibration compliant with all government and military specs, including ANSI/NCSL Z540, ISO 10012-1 and ISO/IEC Guide 25, for load cells, proving rings, force gages, crane scales and other force measuring instruments.


N.W. Contract Inspection Inc.

  • 3819 Superior Ridge Drive
  • Fort Wayne, IN 46808
  • Ph. 219-482-5473 Fax 219-482-9077
  • www.nwinspection.com


National Standards Testing Laboratory

  • 15753 Crabbs Branch Way
  • Rockville, MD 20855
  • Ph. 877-225-3672 Fax 301-590-0099
  • www.forcelab.com

National Standards Testing Laboratory provides NIST-traceable precision force calibration of load cells, proving rings and force gages. Capacities to 1,000,000 lbf compression and tension within 0.01 percent of load. Compliance: ASTM E74, ANSI/NCSL Z540, etc.


Norfox Software Inc.

  • 3400 188th St. S.W., Suite 285
  • Lynnwood, WA 98037
  • Ph. 425-774-9118 Fax 425-774-9602
  • www.norfox.com

Norfox designs software that manages the data generated in the calibration process. The three Norfox products--Labmate, Vanmate and Calmate--store the readings and a growing list of associated details. More than 50 add-on modules are also available.


Pilgrim Software

  • 2807 W. Busch Blvd., Suite 200
  • Tampa, FL 33618
  • Ph. 813-915-1663 Fax 813-915-1948
  • www.pilgrimusa.com

Part of Pilgrim's Q&MIS suite of enterprise quality management software, Calibration System helps manufacturers improve the accuracy of their measuring devices by implementing a reliable, automated calibration management process.


Pister Group Inc.

  • 550 Eglinton Ave. W.
  • Toronto, ON M5N 3A8
  • Canada
  • Ph. 905-886-9470 Fax 905-764-6405
  • www.pister.com

The QC-PRO software offers a complete system for scheduling calibrations and MSA statistical studies. Reports include gages due, calibration notice, gage history and calibration labels. The system can store calibration procedures, target/before/after readings and custom user fields.


Portland Precision Instruments

Portland Precision Instruments (PPI) is a full-service dimensional metrology facility specializing in the repair, calibration and certification of dimensional measurement devices in compliance with ISO 9000 and ANSI Z540 requirements. PPI's technicians are ASQ-certified.


PQ Systems Inc.

  • 10468 Miamisburg-Springboro Road
  • Miamisburg, OH 45342
  • Ph. 937-885-2255 Fax 937-885-2252
  • www.pqsystems.com

GAGEpack 2000 is 32-bit software that manages a complete history of measurement devices, instruments and gages. It helps organizations conform to ISO 9000, QS-9000 and other calibration standards. GAGEpack 2000 features comprehensive gage R&R studies, security, flexible reports and free technical support.


Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney GageCal software minimizes calibration time and eliminates transcription errors and the need for thread wire calculations. GageCal prints out calibration certificates by utilizing Windows-based editors.



  • 5223 N. Ridge W., Suite 5
  • Ashtabula, OH 44004
  • Ph. 440-969-1700 Fax 440-969-1766

PRECISE provides economical calibration service. Programs include calibration manual support, database management with recall, cleaning and repairs.


Proquis Inc.

  • 3158 River Road, Suite 36
  • Des Plaines, IL 60018
  • Ph. 847-768-6630 Fax 847-768-6921
  • www.proquis.com

Obtaining analysis of equipment data can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. Proquis software helps take care of equipment, calibration and tracking needs.


Quality America Inc.

  • 7650 E. Broadway, Suites 208 and 210
  • Tucson, AZ 85710
  • Ph. 800-722-6154 Fax 520-722-6705
  • www.qualityamerica.com

Quality America and Quality Publishing have offered technical leadership for quality practitioners since 1983. They provide software, books and training services to thousands of companies worldwide.


Quality Calibration Service Inc.

Quality Calibration Service Inc. (QCS) is a full-service metrology lab equipped to handle all aspects of calibration of hard gaging and electromechanical gaging, including repair and electronic test and measurement equipment. QCS also provides dimensional inspection, field service and new gage sales.


Quality Plus Inc.

Quality Plus offers paperless calibration software; contract inspection; gage calibration, including gage blocks, rings, plugs, threads, wires, on-site and granite plates; and specific programs, including gage recall. Services conform to ANSI Z540 and are ISO/IEC Guide 25-accredited by A2LA.


R & R Gage Co.

  • 6699-C Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
  • Norcross, GA 30092
  • Ph. 770-409-9801 Fax 770-409-9787
  • www.rrgage.com

R&R Gage Co. services include R&R studies, gage recall and calibration-tracking programs.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems

  • 230 W. Coleman St.
  • Rice Lake, WI 54868
  • Ph. 715-234-9171 Fax 715-234-6967
  • www.rlws.com

Rice Lake's state-of-the-art metrology lab is accredited by NVLAP and provides quality weight services, including recalibration and refurbishing. Additionally, traceable and calibration certificates are available for all weights requiring recalibration.


Ryan Enterprise

  • P.O. Box 3100
  • Wrightwood, CA 92397
  • Ph. 760-249-5248 Fax 760-249-3538
  • www.ryanqc.com

Calibration Control 2000 is an easy-to-use software program that simplifies management of calibration records required by ISO 9000 and automotive and military specifications. It's fully compatible with Windows 95, 98 and NT.


Software Technology

  • 3310 Norfolk Drive
  • Cookeville, TN 38506
  • Ph. 931-537-6181 Fax 931-537-6813

Software Technology provides user-friendly gage calibration and gage study software with two years of free technical support.


Southern Calibration & Service Inc.

  • 590 W. Crossville Road, Suite 102
  • Roswell, GA 30076
  • Ph. 800-241-4622 Fax 800-630-4384

Southern Calibration & Service (SCS) is a full-service physical test machine calibrator. All calibrations are to the latest ASTM specifications. SCS specializes in calibrations for DOE and the aircraft, automotive and nuclear industries.


TAL Technologies

  • 2027 Wallace St.
  • Philadelphia, PA 19130
  • Ph. 800-722-6004 Fax 215-763-9711
  • www.taltech.com

TalTech's WinWedge software collects data from gages, CMMs, scales, colorimeters and other measuring devices directly into Excel and any Windows application. This data can be used to calibrate the measuring instruments.


Tescina Inc.

  • 793 Wasatch Drive
  • Fremont, CA 94536
  • Ph. 510-713-8001 Fax 508-664-1257
  • www.tescina.com

Tescina's DataGet Port collects gage values directly from Palm Pilots.


TM & HGD Inc.

  • 2460 N. Powers Blvd., Suite L
  • Colorado Springs, CO 80915
  • Ph. 719-573-1839 Fax 719-573-1861
  • www.cuttermaster.com

TM & HGD provides steel rectangular gage block sets and individual blocks (U.S. customary and metric) and recalibration services.


The Tool & Gage House

The Tool & Gage House, Quality Services Division, is an ISO 9002-registered calibration lab. NIST-traceable calibration services include dimensional, mechanical, torque, pressure, electronic temperature, on-site and contract measurement.


Vantek Corp.

  • 4621 Tonawanda Creek Road
  • North Tonawanda, NY 14120
  • Ph. 716-743-0377 Fax 716-695-1992
  • www.vantek-corp.com

Calspex 5.1 networkable, procedure-based calibration software includes R&R reports, a label printer interface, thread-form calculator and tables. Add Vantek's Recall Database and Inspex data collection modules for a complete calibration control system.

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