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Elec. Ht. Gage Visual Quality

Height Gage Measures Savings at Foundry
Fowler/Trimos V-600 Height Gage

LeSueur Inc.'s custom foundry in LeSueur, Minnesota, sought to detect part discrepancies in the production process as early as possible to improve the quality of the company's broad range of die castings. Critical to this goal was the ability to make rapid but precise measurements during in-process inspection operations--an activity for which the Fowler/Trimos V-600 electronic height gage was specifically designed.  More...



Software Integrates Quality Systems at Laboratory
Lilly Software Associates VISUAL Quality

Although it already had a manual quality system in place, over time it became apparent that Harco Laboratories of Bradford, Connecticut, would benefit greatly if its quality systems were integrated into a single companywide system accessible to all workers. After reviewing a number of software packages, the company (which designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of sensors and interconnects for the aerospace and industrial markets) opted to implement Lilly Software Associates' VISUAL Quality v.5.35 integrated quality system to achieve this aim. More...


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