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1999 Vision Systems Buyers Guide
by Brandi Floberg

Vision systems technology and availability is soaring to new heights as more industries are finding vision systems useful in practical applications. Each year a growing number of manufacturers introduce new products and services to meet the growing demand for video inspection and noncontact measuring in product manufacturing.

 The various vision systems use an array of technologies, including measuring and detecting microscopes, miniature cameras, high-resolution cameras mounted on CMMs, lasers, and X-rays. Among the most common components of these systems are cameras, frame grabbers, PCs and software.

 The range of uses for vision systems is equally wide. Online gaging and measurement, orientation, presence/absence, parts sorting, foreign material detection, and high-volume part inspection and installation verification represent just a few of the ways in which this important manufacturing technology can be put to work.

 Quality Digest's 1999 Vision Systems Buyers Guide is more inclusive than ever, featuring more than 115 vision systems products from manufacturers that responded to our information requests. The guide presents an alphabetical listing of these companies, including the company's contact information (address, phone number, fax and Web address) and descriptions of specific products and services they provide.

 As with all of our guides, the Vision Systems Buyers Guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. It is intended to assist readers in the search for the products and services they desire. To ensure the guide's accuracy, we only list information that the vendors directly provide to us.

 If you find this guide helpful or have any observations you'd like to share, please feel free to telephone or fax us, or e-mail us at .


A.A. Jansson Inc.

  • 2070 Airport Road
  • Waterford, MI 48327
  • Ph. 800-526-7766 Fax 248-674-1234

Optek vision systems, Opti-Flex vision systems and used vision systems (rebuilt and updated vision-based CMMs).


Acu-Gage Systems

  • 175 Ammon Drive
  • Manchester, NH 03108
  • Ph. 603-622-2481 Fax 603-626-1277

ACU-Gage Systems manufactures one-, two- and three-axis noncontact video-based measuring systems. Applications include medical products, circuit boards, gaskets, labels, laminates, molded rubber and plastic parts, steel rule dies, and sheet metal products.


AEI North America Inc.

  • Old Mill Building
  • 10 Orange St.
  • Marcellus, NY 13108
  • Ph. 315-673-0164 Fax 315-673-9800

Articulated Industrial Videoimaging Scope -- System includes four-way articulating flexible probe with CCD imaging chip in the tip, control unit with integral light source and monitor.

PL-3000-K -- Compact, lightweight, 150-watt fiberoptic illuminator available with a variety of delivery systems such as ringlights, lightguides, goosenecks and accessories.

SnakeEye -- Remote video inspection system complete with camera, illumination, LED monitor, rigid wand, flexible gooseneck, batteries, charger, cabling and case.


Assurance Technologies Inc.

  • 396 Fenton Lane #605
  • West Chicago, IL 60185
  • Ph. 630-231-4800 Fax 630-231-8844

Products include online machine vision systems.


Boeckeler Instruments Inc.

  • 4650 S. Butterfield Drive
  • Tucson, AZ 85714
  • Ph. 520-745-0001 Fax 520-745-0004

VIA-S200 -- A Windows-based archiving and transmittal software package with image measuring and marking. VIA-S200 stores images, transmits them over the Internet or local area network, measures samples, annotates details, creates comparison templates, and records measurements for use in other applications.


Burton Precision Co. Inc.

  • 5737 Vinton Ave.
  • Comstock Park, MI 49321
  • Ph. 800-358-4266 Fax 616-784-4364

Automated Vision -- Real-time process monitoring for physical defects and dimensional inspection.


Clemex Technologies Inc.

  • 800 Guimond
  • Longueuil, PQ J4G 1T5
  • Canada
  • Ph. 450-651-6573 Fax 450-651-9304

Clemex ImPak -- A robust turnkey image analysis system with Clemex Vision software.


Cognex Corp.

  • One Vision Drive
  • Natick, MA 01760
  • Ph. 508-650-3000 Fax 508-650-3344

Checkpoint 900C -- High-speed color vision system for the PC. Features a suite of color image analysis tools for verifying, inspecting and sorting products based on their color. Features a Windows-based development interface that combines ease-of-use with the power and flexibility of a programming language.

MVS-8000 product family -- Industrial machine vision systems that offer both frame grabber and embedded CPU hardware configurations; full library of MMX-accelerated vision software tools; and a choice of PCI, compact PCI or VME bus architectures.

PatMax -- Object and pattern location software technology. Able to locate objects with up to 10 times greater accuracy than traditional technologies despite changes in the object's angle, size or appearance.


Compix Inc. Imaging Systems

  • 705 Thomson Park Drive
  • Cranberry Township, PA 16066
  • Ph. 724-772-5277 Fax 724-772-5278

SimplePCI -- High-performance quantitative imaging systems and software for light microscopy. Materials science and biological science applications supported.


Computer Recognition Systems Inc.

  • 639 Massachusetts Ave.
  • Cambridge, MA 02139
  • Ph. 617-491-7665 Fax 617-491-7753

CRS Reader -- State-of-the-art, online machine vision system that performs generalized, unconstrained optical character recognition.

Scanmaster -- A versatile machine vision system that processes data from line-scan cameras to provide high-resolution inspection and measurement of moving items.

Videogauge -- Noncontact precision measurement of length, width, height, thickness and radius in milliseconds to micron accuracy.



  • 6969 Transcanada Highway, #142
  • St. Laurent, PQ H4T 1V8
  • Canada
  • Ph. 800-361-4914 Fax 514-333-1388

Bandit -- An integrated PCI frame grabber and VGA card that displays captured video from color/monochrome composite cameras in a resizable window.

Cobra/C6 -- A powerful color/monochrome image processor that features the fastest programmable image proc-essing devices in the industry.

FastSeries -- Software tools for optical character verification, alignment, bar code reading and web inspection.

Python/C6 -- A multi-DSP processor/accelerator, single slot PCI card. Features 6,400 MIPS, 100/200 Mbytes/sec. On-board interface to PMC and IP modules allow access to over 100 I/O functions.

Python/C6 CompactPCI -- Delivers all the functionality of its PCI counterpart, but on a more robust platform. Optimized for real-time multiprocessing.

Viper-Digital -- A cost-effective tool for digitizing video from virtually any multi-tap, area-scan or line-scan source. Captures data at up to 200/Mbytes.

Viper-Quad -- A monochrome frame grabber that performs simultaneous acquisition from four camera channels, asynchronously. Grabs at 40 MHz per channel from virtually all progressive scan or interlaced cameras.

Viper-RGB -- A powerful PC color/monochrome intelligent frame-grabber that performs high-fidelity 30-bit RGB digitization and supports virtually any area-scan or line-scan camera source.


CR Technology

AOI 2020 -- Priced under $30,000 and capable of inspecting small to mid-sized boards.

CRX series -- Real-time X-ray systems offering unsurpassed image quality and performance at an affordable price.

RTI-6500 -- Inspects for a wide variety of PCB defects, many of which are not detectable with in-circuit test.

RTI-6520 -- Allows quick and accurate inspection of printed circuit boards.

XRV -- Combines vision and X-ray technologies into one inspection system.


Design Technology Corp.

Designers and builders of vision systems and special inspection machinery. Automated equipment for processing, assembly, inspection and packaging. Controls integration, including PLCs, PCs, servos, all major vision platforms.


Don Richetts Co.

  • 828 E. Valley Blvd.
  • San Gabriel, CA 91778
  • Ph. 626-280-0470 Fax 626-280-5510

Products include optical comparators, video comparators and microscopes.


EMCO InterTest Inc.

  • 27-1 Ironia Road
  • Flanders, NJ 07836
  • Ph. 973-927-2900 Fax 973-927-8004

Specialists in visual inspection products and services.



  • 381 Lexington Drive
  • Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • Ph. 847-465-1818 Fax 847-465-1919

PIXCI D -- PCI bus image capture board for digital area and line-scan cameras.


Express Manufacturing Inc.

  • 3115 W. Warner Ave.
  • Santa Ana, CA 92704
  • Ph. 714-556-1878 Fax 714-545-1888

EMI's complete turnkey programs and 100-percent consigned manufacturing services offer the technology, time-to-market and cost-effectiveness needed for today's outsourcing needs.


Flexbar Machine Corp.

  • 250 Gibbs Road
  • Islandia, NY 11722
  • Ph. 800-879-7575 Fax 516-582-8487

Opti-Flex Granite Z System -- An affordable granite-based color video zoom system designed for shop floor applications with an easy upgrade path to add measurement software, image capture and e-mail, and motors with CNC control to enhance future capabilities.

Opti-Zoom Turnkey Video System -- Very small footprint designed for desktop measurement and inspection applications. Includes Metronics Quadrachek QC2000 geometric digital readout for ease of use in measuring.


Futec International Corp.

  • 212 N. Center Drive
  • North Brunswick, NJ 08902
  • Ph. 732-821-4555 Fax 732-821-6655

PCD -- For printed web automatic defect detection. Installs online and automatically detects printing and substrate defects. Displays full-color images of detected defects, with 100-percent coverage. Inspects paper, paperboard and flexible packaging products.

PKD -- An automated defect-detection system for paper, film, foil, nonwoven and other web materials. Installs online. Detects coating, laminating, substrate and other defects.


GSI Lumonics Inc.

  • 1650 N. Voyager Ave.
  • Simi Valley, CA 93063
  • Ph. 805-578-5000 Fax 805-578-5249

Voyager Series -- Automated, noncon-tact, 3-D measurement for use as a key component of quality control in diverse industries, including precision working metal stamping, automotive, electronic components, data storage and circuit board manufacturing.


i2S The Line Scan Co.

Line Scan Vision Systems -- Horizon line-scan interface board with onboard processing, line-scan cameras and software.


Imagenation Corp.

  • 10220 S.W. Nimbus, Suite K5
  • Portland, OR 97223
  • Ph. 503-495-2200 Fax 503-495-2201

VisionCells -- stand-alone, integrated vision systems perform image capture, processing and analysis on a single board.


Javelin Systems

  • 23456 Hawthorne Blvd., Building 5
  • Torrance, CA 90505
  • Ph. 800-421-2716 Fax 310-378-0283

Products include video measurement systems, video cameras, monitors and lenses.


JMAR Precision Systems Inc.

  • 9207 Eton Ave.
  • Chatsworth, CA 91311
  • Ph. 800-793-0179 Fax 818-700-8984

JMAR designs and manufactures meas- urement/inspection systems, motion control/positioning systems and laser systems used worldwide.


KAPPA Opto-Electronics Inc.

  • 911 S. Primrose Ave., #P
  • Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Ph. 626-256-4343 Fax 626-256-6484

DVM ImageBase -- video microscope offers magnified view (up to 100x) on monitor. System consists of camera, computer interface and software.

DX 3 and DX30 -- Digital cameras provide precise digital image data.

KAPPA's 3-D video cameras offer true 3-D view.

KAPPA's video cameras (CF 11 DSP -- Color, CF 8/4 -- B/W) provide high-resolution images in variety of lighting and environmental conditions.

Metreo -- Software program measures distances, angles and circles in an image. Lets users add marks, labels and comments.

MFK II measures distances, angles and circles in a video image.

Noah -- Software program is an image database that lets user order and archive images, image data and other pertinent information.


The L.S. Starrett Co.

  • Building 100, Suite 100
  • 1000 Cobb Place Blvd.
  • Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Ph. 770-590-7737 Fax 770-590-7511

AV868 -- Fully automatic system complete with color camera, motorized zoom lens, and powerful measurement and control software.


Mahr Corp.

  • 11435 Williamson Road
  • Cincinnati, OH 45241
  • Ph. 800-969-1331 Fax 513-489-2020

KMESS-PC, Laser Sensor and Touch Probe -- The Mahr Multisensor CMM product line provides for 3-D assessment of all kinds of parts and applications. Multi-sensor technology optimizes integration of three measuring sensors in one system (optical sensor, laser sensor and touch probe).


Micro-Metric Inc.

  • 1020 Commercial St., #103
  • San Jose, CA 95112
  • Ph. 408-452-8505 Fax 408-452-8412

High-accuracy noncontact dimensional coordinate measuring systems and critical dimension measuring systems.


Micro-Vu Corp.

  • 7909 Conde Lane
  • Windsor, CA 95492
  • Ph. 707-838-6272 Fax 707-838-3985

Matrix Series -- Affordable, extra-large, fully automated measuring system. Sizes up to 60 in. x 36 in.

Quantum Series -- The combination of noncontact mechanics and Windows NT place this vision machine in a class by itself.

Qubix Series -- Granite, servomotors and linear ways make this top performer an affordable industry favorite.

Vector Series -- A fully automated precision measuring system proven to be a best value.


Minolta Corp.

  • 101 Williams Drive
  • Ramsey, NJ 07446
  • Ph. 888-473-2656 Fax 201-825-4374

CM-3600d benchtop spectrophotometer -- Features instantaneous numerical UV control and simultaneous measurements of specular included and specular excluded components of glossy and nonglossy samples.


Mitutoyo/MTI Corp.

  • 965 Corporate Blvd.
  • Aurora, IL 60504
  • Ph. 630-820-9666 Fax 630-820-7413

Quick Scope -- Manual and CNC field-of-view measurement sizes to 8 in. x 10 in. x 4 in. (XYZ).

Quick Vision -- CNC stage, co-axial and programmable ring lighting. Pattern focus sizes to 24 in. x 24 in. x 6 in. NT operating system, visual basic programming/scripting language.


MSI Technical Sales

  • P.O. Box 9028
  • Schenectady, NY 12309
  • Ph. 518-346-7136 Fax 518-346-4134

Checker -- Industrial machine vision system, high-speed, low-cost, easy to program, ruggedized for factory floor, operates stand-alone without PC attached.

Sherlock Vision System -- Frame grabber and PC-based vision solutions incorporating advanced image analysis software tools from ITI Sherlock.


Mycrona Inc.

  • 14777 Keel St.
  • Plymouth, MI 48170
  • Ph. 734-453-5880 Fax 734-453-4076

SIGNUM -- A stand-alone video inspection system for general metrology applications. Size ranges include 12 in. x 12 in. x 6 in. through 24 in. x 24 in. x 16 in. High-precision, Windows-NT-based, multisensor-capable.


National Instruments

  • 11500 N. Mopac Expressway
  • Austin, TX 78759
  • Ph. 800-258-7022 Fax 512-683-9300

IMAQ 1407 -- low-cost, single channel monochrome image-acquisition board used for acquiring RS 170 and CCIR monochrome images from cameras and VCRs.

IMAQ OCR -- Optical character recognition software used for integrated LabVIEW machine vision applications that offer four-speed reliable alphanumeric reading despite poor image quality.

PCI 1411 Image Acquisition Board -- board offers RAT hue, saturation and luminance color conversion, bringing more speed to color inspection.

PCI 1422 -- A low-cost, flexible image acquisition board designed to acquire large and high-resolution images from digital area- and line-scan cameras at rates of up to 80 Mbytes/s.

Vision Development Software -- Interactive vision software used for rapid application development and machine vision function library for LabVIEW, Visual Basic and C.


Navitar Inc.

  • 200 Commerce Drive
  • Rochester, NY 14623
  • Ph. 716-359-4000 Fax 716-359-4999

Navitar makes Zoom 6000 and TenX video and microscope systems, the MicroMate Inspection measurement work station, and Macro CCTV lenses for machine vision systems.


Operations Technology Inc. (OPTEK)

  • P.O. Box 408
  • Blairstown, NJ 07825
  • Ph. 908-362-6200 Fax 908-362-5966

OPTEK InnerVision -- X-ray inspection and measurement systems use edge detection and CNC positioning to determine locations of a product's hidden features for quality inspection and process control.

OPTEK V-Series -- Video measurement and inspection systems provide rapid automatic two- or three-axis noncontact coordinate measurement for quality assurance and process control.

OPTEK VideoMic -- New video meas-urement and inspection systems offer higher-speed transports and enhanced stability. Transport sizes to 34 in. x 26 in.


Optical Gaging Products Inc.

  • 850 Hudson Ave.
  • Rochester, NY 14621
  • Ph. 716-544-0400 Fax 716-544-0131

Avant Apex -- Ultra-high-accuracy, noncontact CMM featuring 0.0001-mm-resolution noncontact scales, high-accuracy fixed objectives, granite base and column, and high-resolution black-and-white camera.

Avant ATS -- Video measuring system for measurement of large parts includes long travel stages, multisensor options, operator work station and Windows software.

Avant ZIP -- High-speed floor model noncontact video measuring system designed for measuring a large volume of parts at one time. Supported by Windows-based software and wide range of accessories.

SmartScope MVP -- Entry-level video measurement system with motorized zoom lens, manual or motorized stages, substage and ring lights, PC, and software.

SmartScope ZIP -- Full-featured, noncontact benchtop coordinate meas-uring system featuring precision zoom optics, multiple illuminators and high-resolution video camera.


Perceptron Inc.

  • 47827 Halyard Drive
  • Plymouth, MI 48170
  • Ph. 734-414-6100 Fax 734-414-4700

OPTIFLEX-OCF -- A 3-D noncontact measurement system designed to replace checking fixtures and CMMs used to examine automotive parts.

P-1000 -- Vision system provides in-line process measurement via laser cameras. The system computes real-time dimensional variation in the manufacturing process.


Quality Control Solutions Inc.

  • 43339 Business Park Drive, # 101
  • Temecula, CA 92590
  • Ph. 909-676-1616 Fax 909-676-8970

SEEBReZ -- Video noncontact meas-urement and inspection system can be used as a manual, motorized or fully automatic CNC. Full XYZ, submicro benchtop system.


Questar Corp.

Remote Measurement Systems -- Resolution of targets down to 1 micron, three-axis stages, computer and video-controlled and recorded.


RAM Optical Instrumentation

  • 1791 Deere Ave.
  • Irvine, CA 92606
  • Ph. 877-764-6397 Fax 949-224-0550

RAM Optical offers a complete line of noncontact video- and laser-based three-axis dimensional analysis and inspection systems. Easy-to-use precision systems take the place of other traditional measuring or inspection methods for small and large parts, with added versatility and price performance.


Retina Systems Inc.

Manufacturers of industrial-grade, high-speed, noncontact laser and vision turnkey inspection systems for 100-percent sorting, dimensional gaging, surface-flaw detection or process control.


Riegl USA

  • 8516 Old Winter Garden Road
  • Suite 101
  • Orlando, FL 32835
  • Ph. 407-294-2799

LMS Q-140 laser mirror scanner for positioning and profiling. Faster and more measuring points than most ultrasonic or optical measuring sensors.


R.K.B. Opto-Electronics Inc.

  • 6677 Moore Road
  • Syracuse, NY 13211
  • Ph. 800-513-3945 Fax 315-455-8216

Model 3030 -- Web inspection system uses CCD line-scan cameras for detection of random defects such as holes, spots and dirt.


RVSI Acuity CiMatrix

  • 5 Shawmut Road
  • Canton, MA 02021
  • Ph. 781-821-0830 Fax 781-828-8942

RVSI Acuity CiMatrix, the inventor of Data Matrix symbology and Code 128, is a world leader in supplying machine vision systems, bar codes and advanced two-dimensional symbology readers for manufacturing and distribution environments.


Sony Precision Technology America Inc.

  • 20381 Hermana Circle
  • Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Ph. 949-770-8400 Fax 888-910-7669

SIR-1000i -- Features sensor input capability and is ideal for data recording in the field or laboratory.

SIR-1000W -- Provides powerful high-definition recording for wide-band data up to 160 Hz for four channels.

YM40 video CMM -- uses noncontact optical/video technology to measure complex parts for a variety of inspection lab applications.

YP10 coordinate measuring system -- provides 3-D inspection, measurement and analysis of microscopic surface features for close-tolerance parts applications.


S-T Industries Inc.

8600/8800 vision system -- 30X-180X zoom lens, color or black-and-white camera and monitor, 4 in. x 8 in. or 4 in. x 12 in. travel stages, CNC systems optional.


Systronics Inc.

SVS-2000 smart camera system -- Includes multiple thresholds, defect classification, defect imaging, width measurement, trend analysis, and remote access in a Windows NT platform.


Trigon Adcotech

SMD 9000 -- Automated inspection system for surface mount devices.


Vision Components

VC series -- These industrial smart cameras are complete machine vision systems that include up to 8 MB RAM, 2 MB flash EPROM and a powerful DSP. The cameras feature optically isolated I/O (four 12-24 V inputs and four 150 mA outputs).


Vision Intelligence Products

  • 80 Broadway
  • Cresskill, NJ 07626
  • Ph. 201-816-8185 Fax 201-567-7470

Online and offline vision systems and power plant monitoring systems.


VOLPI Manufacturing USA

  • 5 Commerce Way
  • Auburn, NY 13021
  • Ph. 800-688-6574 Fax 315-255-1202

AC- and DC-regulated light sources, fiber optic illumination, LED illumination, video microprobes.


Werth America Inc.

Inspector FQ -- a 2-D/3-D CNC high-speed video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 400-3,500 mm, Y = 400-1,750 mm, Z = 200-600 mm. Accuracies to E2 = 1.5 + L/500 Ám. Cooled linear motor drives up to ten moves and measurements/sec. Supports all Renishaw, dual cameras.

Inspector V -- a 3-D CNC vertical format video/multi sensor CMM. Range: X = 400-800 mm., Y = 300 mm, Z=150 mm., Accuracy to E2 = 3.75 + L/200Ám. Supports all Renishaw systems, 4-5 axis, Werth Fiber Probe. Ideal for milling cutters/hobs, cam/crankshaft and general shaft applications.

Scope-Check -- a 2-D/3-D CNC video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 200-400 mm, Y = 150 mm, Z = 150 mm. Accuracy: E1 = E2 = 3.75 + L/100 Ám. Winwerth measurement software. Options: all Renishaw touch probes.

Video-Check -- a 2-D/3-D CNC video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 250-3,500 mm, Y = 125-1,750 mm, Z = 200-600 mm. Accuracies to E2 = 0.9 + L/500 Ám. Resolutions to 10 nanometers. Options: dual camera, all Renishaw systems, 4-5 axis, Werth Fiber Probe.

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