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Don't Compete… Tilt the Field!
by Louis Patler (Capstone, $24.95)

Patler, a consultant and co-author of the New York Times' bestseller If It Ain't Broke, Break It! is back with 300 quick and entertaining business vignettes. They illustrate well the author's thinking in three broad areas: attitude, perspective and leadership.


Rewards That Drive High Performance
by Thomas Wilson (Amacom, $29.95)

This new book of compensation case studies shows how the common admonition that "You get what you pay for" translates in the corporate world. Wilson presents 39 compensation systems from companies ranging from to W.W. Grainger, and shows how they support goals such as entrepreneurship, customer focus, team building and more.


The Passionate Organization
by James Lucas (Amacom, $16.95)

Lucas pinpoints passion as the driving force in corporate success and describes how to create a workforce that is passionate about doing business. His latest book discusses how to find passionate employees, unite them in a common effort and keep the fire alive.


Smart Business
by Jim Botkin (Free press, $26)

For Botkin, knowledge is the key to organizational success, and here he describes the structures companies can use to access and apply the collective mind of its workforce. The primary component is knowledge communities, "groups of people with a common passion to create, share and use new knowledge for tangible business purposes."


Human Capital
by Thomas Davenport (Jossey-Bass, $32.95)

Davenport tells you to forget thinking about employees as assets; treat them like investors instead. Their capital is the time and effort they put into their jobs. Their return on investment is financial reward, greater responsibility, continued learning and recognition.


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