Books        by Theodore B. Kinni

Delivering on the Promise: How to Attract, Manage and Retain Human Capital
by Brain Friedman, James Hatch and
David Walker (Free Press, $26)

    This team of Andersen consultants describes the company's Human Capital Appraisal framework, a systematic grid approach to managing human resources. HCA organizes HR into five broad elements and applies a generic, five-stage improvement process to each.

Picture Picture

The Leadership Moment
by Michael Useem (Times Business, $25)

    Wharton's Useem uses nine stories of leaders at work and in crisis to illustrate nine leadership principles. The stories range from the first women's ascent of Annapurna to Apollo 13 to the Civil War battle at Little Round Top.


What Works: A Decade of Change at Champion International
by Richard Ault, Richard Walton and Mark Childers
(Jossey-Bass, $32.95)

    This is a good real-world case study in fundamental change efforts and team implementations, but without a happy ending -- the company is still having a tough time translating change into profit. The authors are insiders: two consultants to the long-term effort and a senior vice president.


The Character of a Corporation: How Your Company's Culture Can Make or Break Your Business
by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones
(Harper Business, $25)

    Goffee and Jones expand on their influential Harvard Business Review article in this examination of culture management. They introduce the Double S Cube and two governing concepts, solidarity and sociability, in their quest for the kinder, gentler and more profitable business.


Advanced Quality Planning: A Commonsense Guide to AQP and APQP
by D.H. Stamatis (Quality Resources, $39.95)

    AQP (APQP in the auto industry) is a systematic process for creating quality products and services. Aimed at quality professionals, the book describes the main elements of the AQP methodology and the requirements for successful implementation.


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