Masterful Facilitation
by A. Glenn Kiser

Masterful Facilitation: Becoming a Catalyst for Meaningful Change (AMACOM, 1998) provides all the techniques and tools readers need to become outstanding facilitators -- people who are adept at removing barriers to performance, engineering change efforts that are effective and empowering, and assisting individuals or groups to achieve maximum results. The book helps readers develop the skills and mind-set necessary to be a facilitator; intervene to create maximum change with a minimum of wasted effort; eliminate confusion and conflict between team members; and assist others to become more effective in their own work lives.

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A Survival Guide for Project Managers
by James Taylor

A Survival Guide for Project Managers (AMACOM, 1998) is a practical, user-friendly guide that covers both the technical and human sides of project management, and gives project managers, team members and general managers the skills they need to move a project through its complete life cycle. Unlike other project management books that focus strictly on the technical tools of project management or solely on the human side, this book addresses both components in thorough detail, providing the know-how that those new to project management need to handle a project with confidence and composure.

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Working Knowledge
by Thomas H. Davenport and Laurence Prusak

In Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know (Harvard Business School Press, 1998), consultants Davenport and Prusak examine how all types of companies can effectively understand, analyze, measure and manage their intellectual assets, turning corporate wisdom into market value. The authors categorize knowledge work into four sequential activities -- accessing, generating, embedding and transferring -- and look at the key skills, techniques and processes of each. The book also addresses such key questions as What is knowledge? and What are the best ways to incorporate technology into knowledge work?

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