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1998 Vision Systems Buyer's Guide

by Dirk Dusharme and Laurel Thoennes


Ever since vision systems arrived on the market nearly two decades ago, an increasing number of manufacturers are coming forward with new products and services to meet the growing demand for video inspection and noncontact measuring in product manufacturing.

The many different vision systems use a variety of technologies, including measuring and inspection microscopes, miniature cameras, high-resolution cameras mounted on CMMs, lasers and x-rays. Components common to most systems include cameras, frame grabbers, PCs and software.

The uses for vision systems are equally as varied. Online gaging and measurement, orientation, presence/absence, parts sorting, detecting foreign material, high-volume part inspection and part installation verification represent just some of the ways this important new manufacturing technology is put to work.

In the following text, you'll find the 1998 Quality Digest Vision Systems Buyers Guide. This year's guide features more than 50 vision systems manufacturers that responded to our information requests.

The guide presents an alphabetical listing of vision systems companies, including the company's contact information (address, phone, fax and Web address) and descriptions of its products       and services.

As with all of our guides, the Vision Systems Buyers Guide is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. It is intended to assist our readers in the search for the products and services they need. To ensure the guide's accuracy, we only list information provided to us directly by the vendors.

If you find this guide helpful or have any observations you would like to share, please feel free to     telephone, fax or e-mail us at vision@qualitydigest.com .


A.A. Jansson Inc.
2070 Airport Road
Waterford, MI  48327
Ph. 248-674-4811  Fax 248-674-1234

Optek vision systems, Opti-Flex vision systems and used vision systems -- rebuilt and updated vision-based CMMs.


Assurance Technologies Inc.
396 Fenton Lane
West Chicago, IL  60185
Ph. 630-231-4800  Fax 630-231-8844

Online machine vision systems.


Boeckeler Instruments Inc.
4650 S. Butterfield Drive
Tucson, AZ  85714
Ph. 520-745-0001  Fax 520-745-0004

Boeckeler introduces the VIA-300 Windows-based image measuring, marking, archival and transmission software package. With a Boeckeler knob controller, users have the precise and quick feel of measuring images that is the hallmark of other Boeckeler VIA measuring products.


Brown & Sharpe Custom Metrology
51170 Grand River Ave., Unit B
Wixom, MI  48393
Ph. 800-344-8372  Fax 248-347-5906

Noncontact profile measuring systems. Several different models. Designed specifically for precision turned parts and screw machine parts. Typically reduces inspection time up to 90 percent.


Burton Precision Co. Inc.
5737 Vinton N.W.
Comstock Park, MI  49321
Ph. 616-784-1756  Fax 616-784-4368

Automated Vision -- Real-time process monitoring for physical defects as well as dimensional inspection.

OGP Smart Scope -- Video-based coordinate measuring. CAD integration with automatic scanning capabilities. Touch probe capabilities using Renishaw TP-20.


Clemex Technologies Inc.
800 Guimond
Longueuil, PQ  J4G 1T5, Canada
Ph. 514-651-6573  Fax 514-651-9304

Clemex ImPak -- A robust turnkey image analysis system with Clemex Vision software.


Cognex Corp.
One Vision Drive
Natick, MA  01760
Ph. 508-650-3000  Fax 508-650-3344

Checkpoint 900C -- High-speed color vision system for the PC. Features a suite of color image analysis tools for verifying, inspecting and sorting products based on their color. A Windows-based development interface combines ease-of-use with the power and flexibility of a programming language.

MVS-8000 product family -- Cognex's new series of industrial machine vision systems. Offers both frame grabber and embedded CPU hardware configurations, full library of MMX-accelerated vision software tools and a choice of PCI, compact PCI or VME bus architectures.

PatMax -- Object and pattern location software technology. Able to locate objects with up to 10 times greater accuracy than traditional technologies despite changes in the object's angle, size or appearance.


Compix Inc. Imaging Systems
705 Thomson Park Drive
Cranberry Township, PA  16066-6426
Ph. 724-772-5277  Fax 724-772-5278

SimplePCI -- Compix provides high-performance quantitative imaging systems and software for light microscopy. Materials science and biological science applications supported.


Computer Recognition Systems Inc.
639 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA  02139
Ph. 617-491-7665  Fax 617-491-7753

CRS Reader -- State-of-the-art, online machine vision system that performs generalized, unconstrained optical character recognition.

Scanmaster -- A versatile machine vision system that processes data from line scan cameras to provide high-resolution inspection and measurement of moving items.

Videogauge -- Noncontact precision measurement of length, width, height, thickness and radius in milliseconds to micron accuracy.


6969 Transcanada Highway #142
St. Laurent, PQ  H4T 1V8, Canada
Ph. 514-333-1301  Fax 514-333-1388

Bandit -- A next-generation board that combines the seamless integration of a frame grabber with a high-speed VGA card. A single slot PCI board solution, Bandit transfers digitized video data directly into the on-board frame buffer and displays live video in a window.

Cobra/C6 -- The first C6201-based vision engine for the PCI bus. A powerful color and monochrome image processor, the Cobra/C6 features the fastest programmable image processing devices in the industry. With six ALUs and two multiplier units, 64 Kbytes of on-die cache memory and an integrated software language for parallel processing, the C6 can execute 1,600 million instructions per second.

Python/C6 -- A high-performance quad DSP board based on Texas Instruments' TMS320C6201 digital signal processors. A single slot PCI card, the Python/C6 features 6,400 MIPS, 100/200 Mbytes/sec. inter-DSP communication links and provides up to 16 Mbytes/DSP of 100 MHz SDRAM, up to 512 Kbytes of 200 MHz SBS RAM and 4 Mbytes shared memory.


CR Technology
27752 El Lazo Road
Laguna Niguel, CA  92677-3914
Ph. 949-448-0443  Fax 949-448-0445

RTI-6500 -- A fast, online PCB vision inspection system that delivers accurate and reliable production verification.

RTI-6520 with Solder Inspection -- An in-line PCB inspection system used for detecting defects. The system uses neural net solder joint inspection.

RTI-XR -- The first automated in-line PCB inspection system to combine vision and X-ray. The system is designed to check every feature on assembled PCBs.


Deltronic Corp.
3900 W. Segerstrom
Santa Ana, CA  92704
Ph. 714-545-0401  Fax 714-641-0946

DVC 120 Video: fully automated
DVC 115 Video: semi-automated
DVC 110 Video: manual
DVC 220 Video: 18" x 24" stage travel


Design Technology Corp.
5 Suburban Park Drive
Billerica, MA  01821
Ph. 978-663-7000  Fax 978-663-6841

Design, building, installation and integration of complete handling and vision systems for assembly, inspection, gaging and packaging applications. All major vision platforms supported.


Don Richetts Co.
828 E. Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA  91778
Ph. 213-283-8515  Fax 626-280-5510

Optical comparators, video comparators and microscopes


EMCO InterTest Inc.
27-1 Ironia Road
Flanders, NJ  07836
Ph. 973-927-2900  Fax 973-927-8004

Specialists in visual inspection products and services.


381 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089
Ph. 847-465-1818  Fax 847-465-1919

4MEG Video Model 12 -- ISA bus image capture board for analog, digital, line scan, high-resolution and high frame-rate cameras.

COC402 -- Add-on board for the 4MEG Model 12 featuring two TMS320C40 DSP processors to enhance processing capabilities up to 550 MOPS.

Image Processing Software -- Windows 95/98, Windows NT, DOS DLLs and menu-driven packages supporting all EPIX hardware.

PIXCI D -- PCI bus image capture board for digital area and line scan cameras.

PIXCI D32 -- PCI bus interface board for high-speed, multitap digital cameras.

PIXCI -- PCI bus image capture board for NTSC, S-Video, RS-170, CCIR and PAL analog cameras.


Flexbar Machine Corp.
250 Gibbs Road
Islandia, NY  11722-2697
Ph. 516-582-8440  Fax 516-582-8487

Opti-Flex provides affordable vision systems for shop floor and quality lab application. The systems usually replace optical comparator applications and are easily upgradable to powerful software, motorization, image capture and e-mail capabilities for electronic communication of images.


Futec International Corp.
212 N. Center Drive
North Brunswick, NJ  08902
Ph. 732-821-4555  Fax 732-821-6655

PCD -- For printed web automatic defect detection. Installs online and automatically detects printing and substrate defects. Displays full-color images of detected defects, with 100-percent coverage. Inspects paper, paperboard and flexible packaging products.

PKD -- Automated defect-detection system for paper, film, foil, nonwoven and other Web materials. Installs online. Detects coating, laminating, substrate and other defects.


General Scanning Inc.
1650 N. Voyager Ave.
Simi Valley, CA  93063
Ph. 805-522-8439  Fax 805-578-5249

Noncontact, vision-based dimensional measurement Voyager series for use as a key   component of quality control in diverse industries, including precision metal stamping, automotive, electronic components and    circuit board manufacturing.


i2S The Line Scan Co.
P.O. Box 9028
Niskayuna, NY  12309
Ph. 518-374-3045  Fax 518-346-4134

Line Scan Vision Systems -- Horizon line scan interface board with on-board processing, line scan cameras and software.


Imagenation Corp.
10220 S.W. Nimbus, Suite K5
Portland, OR  97223
Ph. 503-495-2200  Fax 503-495-2201

Imagenation designs and manufactures machine vision components and systems. Product line includes machine vision systems and frame grabbers for the standard ISA and PCI-bus PCs, and embedded system formats PC/104, PC/104-Plus, STD and CompactPCI.


Javelin Systems
23456 Hawthorne Blvd., Bldg. 5
Torrance, CA  90505-4716
Ph. 310-378-6823  Fax 310-378-0283

Color and black-and-white CCD cameras and monitors; video generators and measurement systems.


JMAR Precision Systems Inc.
9207 Eton Ave.
Chatsworth, CA  91311-5808
Ph. 818-700-8977  Fax 818-700-8984

JMAR Precision Systems Inc., formerly Pacific Precision Labs, provides high-precision measurement and inspection along with positioning and motion control systems.


KAPPA Opto-Electronic Systems Inc.
15745 Valley Blvd.
Industry, CA  91744
Ph. 626-333-8891  Fax 626-330-8791

3-D Video Cameras offer true 3-D view, available as observation system, on microscopes, borescopes and fiberscopes.

DX 3 and DX30 digital video cameras transfer precise digital data. Camera works well even under extreme environmental conditions.

MFK II measures distances, angles and circles in a video image. It works with almost any analog video camera and monitor.

MicroViewer -- Handheld video microscope with built-in fiber-optic light provides magnifications from 1-150X on a 13" monitor.


The L.S. Starrett Co.
121 Crescent St.
Athol, MA  01331
Ph. 978-249-3551  Fax 978-249-8495

AV868 -- Fully automatic system complete with color camera, motorized zoom lens, and powerful measurement and control software.


Lenox Instrument Co. Inc.
265 Andrews Road
Trevose, PA  19053-3427
Ph. 215-322-9990  Fax 215-322-6126

Lenox offers a full range of visual inspection equipment for virtually any application.


Logical Vision -- A Division of Coreco
4299 Canada Way #265
Burnaby, BC  V5G 1H3, Canada
Ph. 604-435-2587  Fax 604-435-8840

WiT 5.2 -- Visual programming software for imaging development for Windows 95 or NT 4.0. The first product to combine multiple Pentium execution with MMX-based image-processing operations to deliver a fast, parallel execution environment.


Machine Vision Systems Inc.
311 Wells St.
Greenfield, MA  01301
Ph. 800-446-3458  Fax 413-773-9934

Turnkey quality assurance and production control inspection systems, and mold protection systems. Focus on plastics (shorts, flash, assemblies), packaging, stampings and turnings.


Mahr Corp.
11435 Williamson Road
Cincinnati, OH  45241
Ph. 800-969-1331  Fax 513-489-6302

The Perthometer Concept Roughness/Contour plus Topography measuring station serves for the 3-D assessment of surfaces. The Perthometer Concept Roughness measuring station with PMB measuring head serves for measuring and evaluating cylinder faces in the video image; distances and angles can be directly determined.


Micro-Metric Inc.
1020 Commercial St., #103
San Jose, CA  95112-1404
Ph. 408-452-8505  Fax 408-452-8412

High-accuracy noncontact dimensional coordinate measuring systems and critical dimension measuring systems.


Micro-Vu Corp.
7909 Conde Lane
Windsor, CA  95492
Ph. 707-838-6272  Fax 707-838-3985

Micro-Vu Corp. combines the latest in electronics, mechanics, software, optics and service to meet all noncontact measuring needs.

Matrix Series -- Affordable, extra-large, fully automated measuring system. Sizes up to 60" x 36".

Quantum Series -- The combination of noncontact mechanics and Windows NT place this vision machine in a class by itself.

Qubix Series -- Granite, servomotors and linear ways make this top performer an affordable industry favorite.

Vector Series -- A fully automated precision measuring system proven to be a best value.


Moritex USA Inc.
6440 Lusk Blvd., Suite D105
San Diego, CA  92121
Ph. 800-548-7039  Fax 619-453-7907

V215 -- Custom configurable video zoom inspection system for multiple zoom magnification ranges and working distances with one lens.


MSI Technical Sales
P.O. Box 9028
Schenectady, NY  12309
Ph. 518-346-7136  Fax 518-346-4134

XCaliper -- Dimensional measurement machine vision system. High-speed, high-accuracy, noncontact inspection systems, incorporating XCaliper software and customizable for specific requirements.


MTI/Mitutoyo Corp.
945 Corporate Blvd.
Aurora, IL  60504
Ph. 630-978-6455  Fax 630-978-6475

Quick Scope manual and CNC field-of-view measurement sizes to 8" x 10" x 4" (XYZ). Quick Vision CNC stage, co-axial and programmable ring lighting. Pattern focus sizes to 24" x 24" x 6". NT operating system, visual basic programming/scripting language.


Mycrona Inc.
14777 Keel St.
Plymouth, MI  48170
Ph. 734-453-5880  Fax 734-453-4076

MAGNUS -- Very high-precision video-based inspection system, multisensor-capable, touch probe, laser and 3-D software running on Windows NT. Size ranges 16" x 16" x 12" through 48" x 36" x 20".

PRIMUS -- A 12" x 6" x 6" desktop video-based inspection system, full 3-D inspection software, Windows NT operating system, ▒ 4 Ám (0.00016") across 12", multisensor (touch probe) capable.

SIGNUM -- A "stand-alone" video inspection system for general metrology applications, size ranges 12" x 12" x 6" through 24" x 24" x 16", high-precision, Windows NT-based, multisensor-capable.


National Instruments
11500 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin, TX  78759-3504
Ph. 800-258-7022  Fax 512-683-8411

IMAQ Vision -- Machine vision and image-processing application development software for National Instruments LabVIEW, BridgeVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, ComponentWorks and ActiveX Containers.

PCI-1408, PXI-1408 -- National Instruments high-quality monochrome and StillColor image acquisition boards for PCI, CompactPCI and PXI.

PCI-1424 -- National Instruments digital image acquisition board for PCI. Designed for high-speed, large-image, high-resolution digital image capture.


Navitar Inc.
200 Commerce Drive
Rochester, NY  14623
Ph. 716-359-4000  Fax 716-359-4999

Navitar makes Zoom 6000 and TenX video and microscope systems, the MicroMate Inspection measurement work station as well as Macro CCTV lenses for machine vision systems.


Operations Technology Inc. (OPTEK)
P.O. Box 408
Blairstown, NJ  07825
Ph. 908-362-6200  Fax 908-362-5966

OPTEK V-Series -- Video measurement and inspection systems provide rapid automatic two- or three-axis noncontact coordinate measurement.

OPTEK VideoMic -- New video measurement and inspection systems offering higher speed transports and enhanced stability. Transport sizes to 34" x 26".

OPTEK G-Series -- Large-format video measurement and inspection machines of gantry-style construction with workpiece capacities to 60" x 48".

OPTEK InnerVision -- X-ray video measurement and inspection systems accurately measure X, Y positions of hidden features inside molded, encapsulated or laminated parts.

OPTEK InnerVision II -- High-resolution X-ray video inspection systems reveal hidden features and defects. Programmable transport automation and image-analysis software optionally available.


Optical Gaging Products Inc.
850 Hudson Ave.
Rochester, NY  14621
Ph. 716-544-0400  Fax 716-544-0131

Avant Apex -- Ultra-high-accuracy, non-contact coordinate measuring system featuring 0.0001 mm resolution noncontact scales, high-accuracy fixed objectives, granite base and column, and high-resolution, black-and-white camera.

Avant -- Video measuring system for measurement of large parts includes long travel stages, multisensor options, operator work station and Windows software.

SmartScope MVP -- Entry-level video measurement system with motorized zoom lens, manual or motorized stages, substage and ring lights, PC and software.

SmartScope ZIP -- Full-featured, noncontact benchtop coordinate measuring system featuring precision zoom optics, multiple illuminators and high-resolution video camera.


Perceptron Inc.
47827 Halyard Drive
Plymouth, MI  48170
Ph. 734-414-6100  Fax 734-414-4700

The OPTIFLEX-OCF is a 3-D noncontact measurement system designed to replace checking fixtures and CMMs used to examine automotive parts.

The P-1000 vision system provides in-line process measurement via laser cameras. The system computes real-time dimensional variation in the manufacturing process.

The RGS system uses laser cameras for industrial robotic guidance applications. The RGS controller provides path correction data for automated assembly operations.


Quality Control Solutions Inc.
43339 Business Park Drive, No. 101
Temecula, CA  92590
Ph. 909-676-1616  Fax 909-676-8970

SEEBReZ video noncontact measurement and inspection can be used as a manual, motorized or fully automatic CNC. Full XYZ, submicro benchtop system.


Questar Corp.
6204 Ingham Road
New Hope, PA  18938
Ph. 215-862-5277  Fax 215-862-0512

Remote Measurement Systems -- Resolution of targets down to 1 Ám, three axis stages, computer and video-controlled and recorded.


RAM Optical Instrumentation Inc.
1791 Deere Ave.
Irvine, CA  92606
Ph. 877-764-6397  Fax 949-224-0550

RAM Optical offers a complete line of noncontact video- and laser-based, three-axis dimensional analysis and inspection systems. ROI features easy-to-use precision systems that take the place of other traditional measuring or inspection methods for small and large parts, with added versatility and price performance.


Raytech Measuring Systems Inc.
328 W. Walnut
DeSoto, IA  50069
Ph. 515-834-2272  Fax 515-834-2315

Coordinate measuring machines created for use in production floor environments. Ideally suited for fabricated metal, wood, glass and plastics companies. Allows for X, Y and Z feature locations.


Retina Systems Inc.
150 Day St.
Seymour, CT  06483
Ph. 203-881-1311  Fax 203-881-1494

Manufacturers of industrial-grade, high-speed, noncontact laser and vision turnkey inspection systems for 100-percent sorting, dimensional gaging, surface flaw detection or process control.


RVSI Acuity CiMatrix
5 Shawmut Road
Canton, MA  02021
Ph. 781-821-0830  Fax 781-828-8942

Visionscope -- The first complete machine vision system on a single PCI board for the Pentium/Windows PC.


S-T Industries Inc.
301 Armstrong Blvd.
St. James, MN  56081
Ph. 800-326-2039  Fax 507-375-4503

8600/8800 vision system, 30X-180X zoom lens, color or black-and-white camera and monitor, 4" x 8" or 4" x 12" travel stages, CNC systems optional.


Sharp Digital Information Products
5901 Bolsa Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA  92647-2053
Ph. 800-562-7427  Fax 714-901-2243

GPB-2 -- Image processor for high-speed machine vision applications. Powerful multichannel image capture (example: frame-on-demand). More than 300 imaging functions.

SP1000 -- A scalable ultra-high-speed machine vision system. Can process images up to 1 megapixel at 25 to 225 megapixels/second.


Sony Precision Technology America
20381 Hermana Circle
Lake Forest, CA  92630
Ph. 949-770-8400  Fax 949-770-8408

YM-40 -- New zero-force measuring system uses video technology to accommodate otherwise hard-to-measure objects, including circuit boards, connectors and lead frames, as well as electronic and injection molded parts.


Systronics Inc.
6400 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 110
Norcross, GA  3007
Ph. 770-449-7776  Fax 770-449-0399

Hawk Area Inspection System performs "real time" inspection of areas on webs or shaped products. Hawk provides flow detection, absence/presence, precision measurement, OCR and parts alignment.

Systronics Diaper Inspection System inspects for defects and online placement of components. Twenty-four inspections at a rate of 700 diapers per minute are performed.

The Eagle Web Inspection System performs 100-percent "real time" inspection on roll goods to detect holes, gels/voids, streaks, foreign material, tears and scratches.


Trigon Adcotech
41332 Christy St.
Fremont, CA  94538
Ph. 510-657-9370  Fax 510-657-9377

SMD 9000 -- Automated inspection system for surface mount devices.


Vision Components
478 Putnam Ave.
Cambridge, MA  02139-4772
Ph. 617-492-1252  Fax 617-492-1252

VC Series industrial smart cameras are complete machine vision systems that include up to 8 MB RAM, 2 MB flash EPROM and a powerful DSP. The cameras feature optically isolated I/O (four 12-24 V inputs and four 150 mA outputs).


Vision Intelligence Products Inc.
80 Broadway
Cresskill, NJ  07626
Ph. 201-816-8185  Fax 201-567-7470

Online, offline vision systems -- power plant monitoring systems.


Vision Systems International
74 Sutphin Pines
Yardley, PA  19067-3460
Ph. 215-736-0994  Fax 215-295-4718

Consultancy in machine vision, nondestructive evaluation and automated imaging.


Werth America Inc.
6520 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY  14305
Ph. 716-297-8644  Fax 716-297-9405

Inspector FQ -- 2-D/3-D CNC high-speed video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 400-3,500 mm, Y = 400-1,750 mm, Z = 200-600 mm. Accuracies to E2 = 1.5 + L/500 Ám. Cooled linear motor drives -- up to four moves and measurements/sec. Supports all Renishaw, dual cameras, rotary axis.

Scope-Check -- 2-D/3-D CNC video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 200-400 mm, Y = 150 mm, Z = 150 mm. Accuracy: E1 = E2 = 3.75 + L/100 Ám. Winwerth measurement software. Options: all Renishaw touch, scan, probe changing options, rotary axis.

Video-Check -- 2-D/3-D CNC video/multisensor CMM. Range: X = 250-3,500 mm, Y = 125-1,750 mm, Z = 200-600 mm. Accuracies to E2 = 0.9 + L/500 Ám. Resolutions to 10 nm. Options: dual camera, all Renishaw systems, 4-5 axis, Werth Fibre Probe.


Xiris Automation Inc.
1016 Sutton Drive, Unit C8
Burlington, ON  L7L 6B8, Canada
Ph. 905-331-6660  Fax 905-331-6661

High-precision optical measuring systems for feature inspection and measurement.


Zygo-Vision Systems
2193-B Anchor Court
Newbury Park, CA  91360
Ph. 805-498-5276  Fax 805-498-5237

High-precision vision metrology for production and manufacturing.


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