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Work & Rewards in the Virtual Workplace
by N. Fredric Crandall, Ph.D.,  and
Marc J. Wallace Jr., Ph.D.

In Work & Rewards in the Virtual Workplace (AMACOM, 1998), authors Crandall and Wallace provide a complete guide for organizations seeking a smooth, successful transition to new ways of working. The book offers case studies of front-running companies already prospering on the virtual frontier. It helps readers ask the right questions in advance and points out pitfalls that might trap the unwary. The authors examine adaptations that organizations must make to succeed on the virtual level, including changes in work design, the development of new skills and competencies, a revitalized approach to compensation and rewards, and the evolution to a blended work force.

To order, call (800) 262-9699 or visit www.amanet.org .


Thinking Beyond Lean
by Michael A. Cusumano and Kentaro Nobeoka

Single-project management can produce isolated hit products and designs that contain few common components, and many un-necessary parts and features. In Thinking Beyond Lean (Free Press, 1998), Cusumano and Nobeoka    discuss how leading organizations are  maximizing their investments through multiproject management. The authors demonstrate how product development teams can share engineers and key common components but retain separate designers to maintain distinctive product features. As a result, multiproject management has brought these companies huge savings in development and production costs.

To order, call (800) 323-7445 or visit www.freepress.com .


Customer Service
Edited by Fred Wiersema

At a time when customer service seems to offer more talk than action, the six companies profiled in Customer Service (Harper Business, 1998) -- Southwest Airlines, Charles Schwab, Lands' End, American Express, Staples and USAA -- have gone beyond lip service by putting quality service at the core of their value systems. Readers will discover the strategies these six companies use to surpass the competition and achieve excellent customer service. The book offers field-proven philosophies, how-to tools and invaluable insights gained from years of providing superior service to millions of customers across the country and around the world.

To order, call (800) 331-3761 or visit www.harpercollins.com .


The Five Temptations of a CEO
by Patrick Lencioni

The Five Temptations of a CEO (Jossey-Bass, 1998) tells the story of young, ambitious and overwhelmed Andrew O'Brian who, while walking to his train at the end of the day, agonizes over his year-end review with the company's board of directors the following morning. Contemplating his "decidedly unspectacular performance," he happens upon an unlikely guide in the commuter underworld who distills the seemingly infinite list of executive perils into "the five temptations of a CEO." Lencioni shows how CEOs can, by facing their mistakes, gain the power to change their futures for the better.

To order, call (800) 956-7739 or visit www.josseybass.com .


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