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Full-Time Lead Auditor -- Manufacturing Wanted

Growing International Registrar seeks an auditor that can provide our clients with value-adding auditing services.

Responsibilities will include quality management systems auditing, marketing and training. The auditor we are in search of will not only deliver registration services as needed, but will also assist our Marketing department in obtaining new leads, prepare and conduct internal auditing training seminars, and help develop new/ongoing registration services.

Auditor requirements include: 1) RAB/IRCA/EOQ Lead Auditor Certification, 2) At least 3 years' Management Experience at an Executive Level, and 3) Management Experience in the Manufacturing Industry, including responsibility for a Quality System or parts thereof.

This position is currently available, and one which we would like to fill by early-mid November, 1997. Interested parties will be asked to attend November 8-9 Auditor Training and to meet with DQS' President.

Please contact: Monika Lotter, Marketing Manager at (847) 256-0523 or E-Mail: DQSofUSA@aol.com for further information.


Small Business ISO 9000 Registration

Small business owners - Are you considering ISO 9000 Certification? Have you heard that it will be difficult? Would you rather do it the easy way? Call us. We're Fitz & Fitz Consulting. We specialize in ISO 9000 pre-certification help for SMALL businesses. We provide training, gap analysis, and pre-assessment audits at realistic prices. We make certification easy for you.

Call Fitz & Fitz at (703) 404-2839 and ask for Ray Fitz. Or e-mail us at fitzfitz@qualityservice.com




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