The Ultimate Book of Business Gurus
by Stuart Crainer

The Ultimate Book of Business Gurus (AMACOM, 1998) is an A-to-Z guide filled with 50 succinct biographies and 60 mini-profiles of the world's most fascinating and influential business thinkers -- from historical figures like Sun-Tzu to contemporary gurus like Peter Senge -- along with clear summaries of their intriguing theories. The book offers definitive answers to such questions as: How do the quality philosophies of Juran and Deming differ? Why is Machiavelli's 16th-century classic The Prince considered the last word on power?

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Breaking Out of the Change Trap
by Ron Rosenberg

Many companies fall into the "change trap" when they deploy a change initiative that doesn't match the organization's readiness level. Breaking Out of the Change Trap (Banbury Press, 1998) provides a proven strategy for effectively implementing change in an organization. The book presents the Organizational Maturity model, which helps determine an organization's readiness for change and the approach with the highest probability for success. Readers will learn to assess their organization's readiness level and select a deployment approach that will result in the greatest return on investment.

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Handbook of Simulation
Edited by Jerry Banks

The Handbook of Simulation (John Wiley & Sons, 1998) brings together contributions from leading academics, practitioners and software developers concerning the principles, techniques and uses of discrete-event simulation. The book examines simulation methodology, from experimental design to data analysis; recent advances, such as object-oriented simulation, online simulation, and parallel and distributed simulation; applications across a full range of manufacturing and service industry applications; and guidelines for successful simulations and sound simulation project management. Recommended for industrial engineers, management and computer scientists, and operations managers and researchers.


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Introduction to the Theory of Constraints Management System
by Thomas B. McMullen Jr.

In Introduction to the Theory of Constraints Management System (St. Lucie Press, 1998), Thomas B. McMullen Jr. helps busy executives and professionals quickly learn and implement TOC principles. This comprehensive guide organizes several proven TOC principles, processes and solutions into a TOC management system that has been successfully applied to everything from manufacturing industries to health care. The book provides a compact information source and how-to instructions for those beginning their study and initial use of TOC. McMullen also highlights the TOC management system's suitability for generating superior degrees of short- and long-term profitability, employment stability and stakeholder loyalty.

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