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Ford Collects Multiple Data With Single Mahr System
Mahr Federal's PRIMAR Measuring System

Ford Motor Co.'s Prototype Transmission Facility in Livonia, Michigan, was looking for a way to collect several kinds of data with a single machine in order to reduce a backlog of queued part performance and manufacturing processes measurement. To achieve this goal, the company chose Mahr Federal's PRIMAR universal measuring system, which combines a precision four-axis CMM, a three-axis scanning probe, a form measurement system and a gear checker. . More...



Manufacturer Benefits From SurveyConnect Software
SurveyConnect Inc.'s Survey Select

Weyerhaeuser, one of the nation's leading forest product manufacturers, recently underwent a total system change at all of its 46 box manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving efficiency, cutting costs and increasing profitability. Working with a consultant and using SurveyConnect Inc.'s Survey Select, Weyerhaeuser developed a survey to ask users at each box plant about their interactions with the new system.  More...


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