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State Quality Awards Directory

by Robert Green and Rachel Brill

Welcome to Quality Digest's 2002 State Quality Awards Directory. Not long after implementing and honing their quality management system, many organizations look for a way to see how their QMS stacks up against others.

 Perhaps the best vehicle for accomplishing such a benchmarking endeavor is applying for a quality award. Scores of them exist, several based upon the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. However, they're not always highly publicized.

 What follows is Quality Digest's 2002 listing of state and regional quality awards, which you can download by clicking here.. The most current information we've been provided is included. Nevertheless, we recommend that you contact the administrators of any award for which you're interested in applying to verify important dates, requirements and other critical information.

 More information, such as award categories and schedules, can be accessed on the Web at directories. Feedback on this directory for next year can be e-mailed to Directories .

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