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Mining Company Accelerates Return on Six Sigma with Action Workout
Leap Technologies Inc.'s Action Workout

IMC Global Inc. is a mining business that produces and supplies concentrated phosphates and potash fertilizers. The company is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of salt for road de-icing, food processing, water conditioning and other applications.

 When IMC Global wanted to solve its complex production and distribution problems, it turned to the Action Workout System from Leap Technologies. The company had already invested in Six Sigma but wanted to augment it with a flexible system that would get more people involved in performance improvement.More...



Small Job Shop Increases Accuracy With a Starrett CMM
The Starrett Premis

Wire-Tech, a Tempe, Florida-based electrical-discharge machining job shop with a staff of 10, has 12 CNC machines--eight of which are wire EDM and four of which are conventional. The shop's main markets are the aerospace and plastic injection molding industries. The company also handles tooling functions and some production. According to Rick Erickson, president of Wire-Tech, it took continuous seven-hour inspections to realize that his company needed a better coordinate measuring system.Wire-Tech chose the L.S. Starrett Co.'s Premis CMM with a 24 x 24 x 18 in. measuring range.More...


Aluminum Manufacturer Improves Safety and Efficiency
Laser Measurement International Inc.'s Gravity Furnace Tap Out Activator/SLS 5000 Sensor

Ormet Aluminum Mills Products Corp. manufactures rolled-, foil-, sheet- and laminated-aluminum products. When the company decided to upgrade its strip-casting line at its Jackson Coated and Foil Division, the engineers at Ormet sought a product that would reduce metal waste and increase uniformity.

 Ormet plant engineers considered several options before finally meeting with representatives from Laser Measurement International Inc., who developed a Gravity Furnace Tap Out Actuator. When used with the SLS-5000 noncontact laser sensor for Launder Level or Mold Level Control, it improves safety, quality and production rates.More...


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