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Important note on searching by company name.
Our search engine searches for EXACT matches on the characters you enter. So, particularly in the case of long company names where it would be easy to input a name incorrectly or in a slightly different way than the database has it listed, it is best to enter only part of the name--enough to make the search unique. E.g., instead of searching for ``Amalgamated Transcontinental Tangerine Shippers and Peelers of Southern California Inc.," simply input ``tangerine"

How to search

It is not necessary to fill in all boxes -- only enter the criteria you need.

1. Company (example: Exxon, exxon, exx)

2. City (In the international database, the city is sometimes located in the Address field below.)

3. Address (International database only. In some cases this field contains the city in which the company is located, not the City field above.)

4. State or Province (North America database only. Use postal abbreviations.)

5. Country

6. Geographic Region (In the international database, you may search within several predefined regions rather use the Country field. Do not use both fields at the same time)

7. Industry Codes (a search by SIC 3500 will find only companies with SICs of 3500; searching by 35 will find companies with SICs of 3500 to 3599). If you don't know the SIC code for a particular industry, click here to link to OSHA's SIC keyword search engine. Once you have the SIC code, return to this page and select the ISO 9000 button.

    Note: Some U.K.-based registrars (such as BSI) use U.K. SICs rather than U.S. SICs. If you don't know the U.K. SIC for the industry in which you are interested and feel that you may be missing out on some companies, try using the Scope keyword search described below.

8. Registrar (Click here to see a list of participating registrars.)

9. Standard (ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 9003 or QS-9000 only). You may search using the terms 9001, 9002, 9003 or QS.

10. Scope. You may search for keywords in the scope description field of the registration. For instance metal forming, plastic, ashtrays, etc.

You may search by more than one criterion. However, because your request is subject to the whims of the Internet and the amount of traffic on our site, searches by more than two criterion may cause the server to time out before your search request is processed. If that happens, search again. Our experience shows the average search time to be 10 seconds for searches with two criteria.

What you'll find

After you complete your search, a screen will appear with the first 25 results of your search. (For the next 25 companies, click on the "Next 25 Matches" button.) You may then click on the companies listed for more detailed information. You may conduct another search by clicking on the "Return to Search Form" button, or to return to your list of found companies, click on your browser's "Back" button.

What to do if your company isn't listed

If the company you are searching for isn't listed, it's probably because the registrar didn't submit the information to us. If your company isn't listed, please contact the registrar directly and ask them to participate in our database. Click here for contact information for registrars.

If you think the information contained in our database is in error, please e-mail the correct and incorrect information to . Because this database is FREE, we would very much appreciate your support in its maintenance.

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