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707 CNC CMM Cyclone

Job Shop Successfully Automates Its Part Inspection System
Mitutoyo America Corp.'s Bright Apex 707 CNC CMM

LoDolce Machine Co. Inc. of Saugerties, New York, machines a wide variety of turned, milled, welded, punched, electrical discharge machined (EDM) and highly featured flat parts that require routine inspection. Finding inspectors who could handle this extensive range of products was an extremely difficult and costly task, and the company was in need of a versatile yet affordable solution to handle the comprehensive mix of parts. Mitutoyo America Corp.'s Bright Apex 707 computer numeric controlled (CNC) temperature-compensated coordinate measuring machine (CMM) allowed for the switch from manual CMM inspection to CNC CMM inspection.  More...



Standalone Digitizer Smoothes Engine Head Production
Renishaw Cyclone Scanning System

CNC Cylinder Heads of Pinellas Park, Florida, strives to make the highest performing custom-ported heads for professional automobile engine builders who know that precisely ported heads mean better engine efficiency. Using a uniquely designed system that incorporates the Cyclone digitizer from Renishaw Inc., the company is achieving this goal. More...


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