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2002 Calibration Software and Services Guide

by Robert Green and Kennedy Smith


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Any company that relies on testing equipment knows the importance of calibration. Testing equipment catches defects and monitors production, so it’s imperative that this equipment is well-maintained and precise. Furthermore, there’s an increasing demand for traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the only way to meet this requirement is to maintain a strict calibration schedule and keep an accurate record of all your testing equipment.

The 2002 Calibration Software and Services Guide is the first step in resolving any equipment calibration issues you may have, whether it’s locating the right software to track your calibrations or searching for an outsourcing provider.
If you’re in the market for calibration software, keep in mind the various technical aspects of each calibration software provider’s products. Among the questions on your checklist, be sure to ask:
n How customizable is this software to my company’s needs?
n How extensive are the calibration reports?
n Is the software compatible with my company’s existing platform (e.g., Windows, Macintosh or Novell)?
n Is free technical support offered?
n Can my company’s existing quality procedures be incorporated into the software?
n Is the software designed for organizations of my company’s size?

You may find it more cost-effective for your company to outsource equipment calibration rather than incur the equipment and labor expenses of performing it in-house. If your company has concluded that outsourcing calibration services is ideal, there are a few questions you may want to consider when researching various providers.
n How long has the lab been in business?
n What is the experience level of the specialists?
n What accreditations and certifications does the lab conform to?
n Can the calibration lab provide references?
n Is the calibration traceable to standards?
n What is the turnaround speed?

Below you’ll find a list of companies throughout North America that provide software and services designed to assist in any of your calibration needs. The directory includes company names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web addresses. These companies have also provided detailed descriptions of specific products and services, which can be found at www.qualitydigest.com/directories. Contact the companies directly if you have further questions about a product’s capabilities or a service’s applicability to your calibration needs.

Although Quality Digest hasn’t evaluated, nor are we endorsing, any offering of the following calibration software and service providers, we’re committed to providing you a start in your quest for the right solution. Only those companies that responded to our requests for information are listed.

We appreciate any feedback you might have on our directories. If you have a suggestion for how we can improve this directory next year, e-mail Directories.