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2000 Gage Manufacturers Buyers Guide

by Brandi Floberg and Laurel Thoennes

Welcome to Quality Digest's 2000 Gage Manufacturers Buyers Guide, which features nearly 200 gage manufacturers that produce a broad assortment of gages. We've attempted to simplify your search with a matrix of 31 common gage types, from air gages to vacuum gages, plus a category for companies that design and build custom gages, which you can download by clicking here. You will need Adobe Acrobat version 4 to read this document.

Each company listed has provided telephone and fax numbers and, in most cases, a Web address you can visit for further information. Gage types that don't fit within our matrix categories are described in text blocks with their manufacturers' listings.

 To choose the right gage for your application, keep in mind these three requirements: the manufacturing or end-product priorities vs. critical characteristics to be gaged, specified part tolerance limits and characteristics to be gaged. For additional guidance, you may want to refer to Tom Stewart's April 1998 article "Selecting the Right Gage," which you can find at Quality Digest's Web site at .

 We hope that this buyers guide will help you with your gage-purchasing decision. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail them to .

 As with all Quality Digest buyers guides, the 2000 Gage Manufacturers Buyers Guide is intended to provide readers with helpful information. Only those companies that responded to our requests for information are listed. The products listed in this guide have been neither evaluated nor endorsed by Quality Digest.

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