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(SHINING 3D: Hangzhou, China) -- SHINING 3D has released its newest industrial-level metrology solution comprised of three products: the FreeTrak optical tracker, the Freescan Trak 3D scanner, and the FreeTrak Probe, which work in conjunction or separately to provide a truly comprehensive industrial-scale measurement solution.

Based on SHINING 3D’s latest technology, the FreeTrak is capable of capturing the spatial position of the scanner structure in real time, offering a portable, efficient, and reliable 3D measurement solution. Working without the use of markers/targets, the system was designed to specifically tackle the inspection of medium to large-sized objects in challenging industrial environments with relative ease and freedom. The wireless system is dynamic in use, allowing the user to move the tracker or part during measurement without compromising results. This allows the use of the FreeTrak system in unstable environments that still require metrology-grade precision and accuracy for inspection. The fact that the system is wireless also means the scanner can be used independently from the FreeTrak for smaller-scale scanning jobs, making it a truly versatile and comprehensive measuring solution.