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(Porta Products Corp.: New Smyrna, FL) -- Porta Performance, a division of Porta Products Corp., announces the creation of Marine Aerodynamics as a product. Over a year in process, the proficiency of Aero Dynamics for the marine industry has come of age.

A proof of concept/case study was perceived to create a 3D scan and CAD files of race boat designs to combine the most advanced marine design both hydrodynamically and aerodynamically.

Scott Porta of Porta Performance undertook a past “unsolvable problem” and the concept came from an offshore racing dynamic. What happens at 100+ MPH when a catamaran converts from a boat to an airplane without wings? “Here’s the dynamic,” says Porta. “The engines are supported by a plane of hard water coming from the hull on the bottom of the gear cases... only until the boat launches and flies. At that point, the engines become a thousand pounds of dead weight, the center of gravity shifts, the bow elevates, and the rest is history.”