Content By Mikel J. Harry

By: Mikel J. Harry

Allow me to come straight to the point. I am providing a limited number of full and partial scholarships for the MindPro Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Certification Program. The scholarships are being provided as a part of my working philanthropy initiative, which has now been extended due to a high level of public interest.

The scholarships are for economically disadvantaged professionals who have been displaced, downgraded, or find their employment at “high risk” due to the current economic climate. Special scholarships are available for college students, military veterans, active-duty personnel, and Purple Heart recipients.

For those in need, this is a wonderful way to earn a highly credible and world-respected Six Sigma credential (Black Belt or Green Belt). Through this scholarship program, the selected candidates can develop an extremely valuable set of highly marketable lean and Six Sigma competencies that have been proven to attract better jobs and higher salaries .