Content By Matt Arnerich

By: Matt Arnerich

One of the most important roles for a leader is making sure that all your staff are being managed properly, and an area that can be particularly difficult is how to manage entry-level employees. This could be one of the biggest problems facing older managers, as Millennials (aka Generation Y) are now the largest generation in the working population.

Many managers struggle to find a balance between using the one-size-fits-all policy, which may work on older recruits, and being patronizing. This can make it difficult to communicate with young recruits.

The truth? Millennials are not that different. Much like generations before, Millennials are concerned with job security, working in a role where they feel challenged, and working for a company they’re proud to represent.

Yes, there is a tendency for job-hopping, but many Millennials entered into a stagnant job market and had to make compromises on their first roles. Opportunities are bound to come knocking in this ever-changing world, so mentor your recruits properly, and you are far more likely to keep the those who can help your company grow.