Content By Jennifer Wolfe-Pearce

By: Jennifer Wolfe-Pearce

It is no secret that the health care industry is undergoing revolutionary changes. Are you responding by re-evaluating your approach to process improvement? In a world where doing more work with fewer resources is the norm rather than the exception, now is the right time to update your own work processes and ensure your projects provide quantifiable value to your organization.

Health care reform will create significant challenges and unparalleled opportunities for health care quality professionals, but managing limited resources will be necessary for success. Developing synergistic relationships with your peers in finance will ensure that process improvement projects meet not only quality goals but financial objectives as well.

Developing collaborative relationships with finance

Historically the clinical and financial functions have not been well integrated within health care. This is changing rapidly as government initiatives such as pay-for-performance are implemented. The interdependencies between cost and quality will increase under the pressures of health care reform. It is imperative that you have a close working relationship with your finance peers.