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By: International Register of Certificated Auditors

(IRCA: London) -- The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) has launched a new Pharmaceutical Quality Management Systems (PQMS) Auditor certification scheme (ICH Q10), to support the assurance of global supply-chain integrity.

In a sector that has seen an increase in the contracting out of operations, and increasingly complex global-supply chains, companies and regulators are asking for evidence of relevant training and experience for pharmaceutical QMS auditors who conduct audits of suppliers, service providers, contractors, and their own operations.

Within this context the IRCA PQMS Auditor certification scheme is designed to provide confidence that auditors in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have the training and experience required to provide an accurate assessment of organizations’ ongoing capability to deliver products that meet the requirements of patients, health care professionals, regulatory authorities, and internal and external customers throughout the product life cycle.