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(Evatronix: Bielsko-Biala, Poland) -- Evatronix launched its eviXmatic automated quality inspection system in North America at the Rapid+ TCT Expo 2019, May 21–23, in Detroit, MI. eviXmatic is a four-axis solution integrating the eviXscan 3D scanner to perform full-field, noncontact part measurements with high accuracy as a fully automated scanning process. The system delivers quality inspection reports based on predefined scanning scenarios and templates.

The system incorporates a four-axial tilt-controlled rotary table (vertical, horizontal, tilting rotary table), which enables automated scanning at different angles as an integrated automated system. The system significantly reduces the scanning times of complex parts. The blue LED structured-light system offers a vertical axis range is 800 mm with a 700 mm horizontal range and a scanning envelope of 250 mm × 170 mm × 120 mm. Maximum supported parts weight is 10 Kg.

“RAPID +TCT gave us the opportunity to show the North American market our new product, which is conceived for application in the areas of repetitive precise measuring and quality inspection tasks” states Adam Morawiec, vice president, business development at Evatronix SA. “In terms of demand, North American is one of the most important markets for our 3D scanning and measurement tools.”