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(Brunson Instrument Co.: Kansas City, MO) -- With the August 2021 release of ISO 10360-10:2021, laser tracker end users can now test their instruments in the field with a simplified, internationally approved ISO process—in less than 30 minutes.

“Laser trackers and laser radars are mechanical systems that rely on the relative positions of components within the instrument,” said Mark Meuret, Brunson Instrument Company’s Director of Engineering. “These sensitive and highly accurate components can be thrown off, creating misalignment and geometric error sources,” he added.

ISO Guidelines for Frequency of Interim Field-Testing

(Excerpt from Annex E of ISO 10360-10:2021)

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(Spatial Corp: Broomfield, CO) -- Spatial Corp, the leading 3D software development toolkit provider for design, manufacturing, and engineering solutions, and a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, announces the production release of 2022 1.0.

This release delivers new advances in modeling and data preparation for digital dentistry; automatic unbending of sheet metal; automatic mid-surface sheet bodies generation for FE workflows; easy-to-implement parallelization; import of large-scale models into CGM-based applications; import of new tolerance modifiers; and meshing support for a mix of elements in boundary layer meshing.

Walk in your customer's shoes

How customers experience your product involves the entire customer journey, not just the quality of the product itself. We talk with Jon Picoult, author of From Impressed to Obsessed.

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By: David Isaacson

Within every organization, problems or incidents arise that can affect the quality of your operations. Take for example, food recalls due to improper food labeling that not only could cause sickness in humans, but also result in a hit to a company’s reputation. Or, automotive product recalls due to defective parts.

Today, given supply-chain disruptions that require broader sourcing of materials, along with a shortage of skilled workers, the chances of problems rising are increasing exponentially.

Whether causing a minor blip in productivity or tragic results, any problem should be evaluated to minimize the chances that it could occur again. And, while we read about manufacturing issues almost daily, we don’t always learn what the root cause of the problem was and how it was corrected.

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(Mitutoyo America Corp.: Aurora, IL) -- Mitutoyo America Corp. is excited to announce the launch of the new Mitutoyo website as well as MyMitutoyo, the new end- user portal. has a brand new, updated look with better functionality and an improved user experience, making access to Mitutoyo products, services, and information faster and easier. Mitutoyo products on the new website are better connected to more robust technical specifications and product information for more useful, accurate product searches. This allows visitors to research and qualify Mitutoyo products and solutions for their needs more effectively.

The new also better highlights the company’s metrology services and solutions including calibrations, installation, and repairs, as well as enhanced and easier-to-navigate resource and education pages. is also integrated with the new end user portal, MyMitutoyo, giving users the option to request a price quote, find a distributor, or request more product information with a click of a button.

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By: Quality Digest

(Thomas: New York) -- Thomas, the leader in product sourcing, supplier selection, and marketing solutions for industry, has released its ‘2021 Q3 Sourcing Activity Snapshot,’ which reveals insights into the top products and services sourced by North American manufacturers, and offers predictions about sourcing trends this business quarter.

The Q3 report identifies cyclical trends within the U.S. manufacturing and industrial economy drawn from the platform, which serves more than 1.3 million active registered users and 14 million industrial professionals. The report’s predictions also provide a snapshot into growth categories that will impact both the industrial sector and economy, with the booming construction sector and sustainability initiatives expected to be major factors in the months ahead.

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By: Sabine Terrasi

Boosting efficiency through digitalization—almost no branch of industry can evade it. Also, operators of press shops are increasingly networking their production. But regardless of whether it’s a single press or press lines, it’s not always necessary to replace the entire plant in order to stay up to date.

Retrofitting existing lines, true to the principle of “sensible evolution instead of cost-intensive revolution,” is often the order of the day. With Visual Die Protection, Schuler Pressen from Göppingen offers a solution for avoiding expensive die damage and its consequential costs in stamping and forming technology—retrofittable for existing lines. Equipped with industrial cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems and intelligent software, the production process can be monitored as required.

A picture showing large Schuler press
Digitization in the press shop

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By: Quality Digest

(Matrox Video: Montreal) -- As a major European construction services company, Netherlands-based VolkerWessels is responsible for thousands of network-related elements. The VolkerWessels Telecom division designs, builds, and maintains fixed and wireless telecommunication networks, and provides connectivity for services ranging from sustainable energy to smart waste bins.


Before acquiring its Matrox-powered video wall, staff at VolkerWessels Telecom’s network operations center (NOC) had been using several different screens of varying sizes connected to several different PCs. What the NOC staff needed was a single video wall that would allow for optimized resource sharing and centralized control.

After consulting with AV distributor Sahara Benelux and AV systems integrator Ricoh, VolkerWessels Telecom decided that Matrox QuadHead2Go multimonitor controllers and Matrox-validated Advantech AVS-540 controlled by VView’s Classic video wall software would be the ideal solution for creating a dynamic, easy-to-use video wall system for NOC staff.

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By: Jon Picoult

In 1978, inventor Thomas Jake Lunsford patented a new form of plastic packaging and unknowingly triggered the ire of hundreds of millions of consumers.

His invention was the “clamshell”—a type of packaging that envelops a product in two form-fitting, sealed plastic shells. The public frustration that Lunsford’s creation ultimately triggered was so widespread and long-lasting that an entirely new term was coined to describe it: wrap rage.

If you’re not familiar with that term, here’s how Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s founder and former CEO) defines it: “Wrap rage is the frustration we humans feel when trying to free a product from a nearly impenetrable package.”

Surely you know the frustration and aggravation of wrap rage, even if you didn’t realize there was a term for it. As any consumer can attest, clamshell packages are notoriously difficult to open, particularly given the razor-sharp edges that get exposed when cutting or ripping the plastic container.

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By: Quality Digest

(Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: North Kingstown, RI) -- Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the new structure and growth plans for computer-aided engineering (CAE) at its first simulation-focused conference, HxGN Live Design & Engineering 2021, which was held Oct. 12–14, 2021. Watch on demand.

As the trusted partner to manufacturers all over the world, Hexagon has been steadily building its CAE portfolio since it acquired MSC Software in 2017, supporting its customers to push the boundaries of design and engineering and address production challenges earlier in product development through industry-leading simulation capabilities and smart manufacturing solutions that utilize the breadth of Hexagon and partner ecosystem technologies.

“This week has showcased the enormous breadth and depth of our simulation capabilities” says Roger Assaker, president of Hexagon’s Design and Engineering business unit. “We have heard presentations from more than 200 customers spanning every sector and at every level—from analysts to data scientists, design engineers to management and the C-suite—about how our solutions have enabled them to design better, smarter, and faster.