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(Shropshire 3D: Cockshutt, UK) -- Shropshire 3D has installed 3D printing and STEM products in its 275th school, enabling thousands of school children in England and Northern Ireland to learn about additive manufacturing.

The students are gaining an understanding of engineering, CAD (computer-aided design) and measurement, and adapting essential skills for every area of manufacturing. One of the schools Shropshire 3D worked with was the Hadley Learning Community Secondary school. Natalie Stewart, the lead on STEM and computer science, delivered a two-hour session with 24 students on reverse engineering in which they were exposed to a real-world design and engineering problem.

The overwhelming interest and excitement among the students led Stewart to start the school’s STEM Club, where more than 60 students arrived at the first event. The club has visited leading manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover and the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, where students had hands-on experience with a state-of-the art 3D printer that now is aboard the International Space Station.

Equipping pupils to understand the application and potential of technology of the fourth Industrial Revolution is important to help prepare them for modern manufacturing.

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‘I just want to avoid spinning gauges all day.”

We hear this from manufacturing professionals all over the world. We were discussing this recently with a manufacturer in Wisconsin that machines large quantities of threaded parts. Their customer requires them to “go” and “no-go”-verify every part. They were dealing with this requirement the way many plants do: Operators stood by and spun a gauge into every thread with their fingers. Unfortunately, this method was not only burdensome but also allowed plenty of room for operator error and repetitive-motion injury.

Our mission at New Vista is to work with manufacturers like these to provide the knowledge and tools they need to overcome thread quality obstacles, so they can stop spinning gauges with their fingers. This article, as part of that mission, presents an introduction to thread gauging.

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(ForTest: Modena, Italy) -- A world leader in leak-testing solutions, ForTest has launched Dual Absolute T8090, a revolutionary instrument to solve the testing problems in electric car equipment for improving their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Many parts of an electric car, such as a battery, circuits, cooling systems, and packs, are prone to leaking. To prevent user dissatisfaction and potentially severe loss, these parts must be leak-proof. Off-road vehicles, in particular, require waterproof battery packs to avoid dust from infiltrating the components and generating performance and safety problems.

For car manufacturers and suppliers, leak testing of automobile parts to improve stability and efficiency has become an important aspect of the production system. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, it has become important to conduct more leakage testing on the whole battery pack and also on charging stations. Therefore, leak-test instruments for electric vehicle components must fulfill higher performance standards.

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(Drishti Technologies: Mountain View, CA) -- Drishti Technologies, whose AI-powered manufacturing technology uses video analytics, data, and insights to bring significant benefits to manufacturers and their employees, and HELLA, a tier-one automotive supplier, has announced the latest in a joint effort to further increase operational efficiency with a second successful combined project in Dhankot, India. HELLA is an internationally positioned automotive supplier globally recognized for its lean practices and is committed to investing in the latest technologies to drive human productivity and improve manufacturing outcomes.

With Drishti cameras and streaming video analysis enabled on one of HELLA’s sensor product lines, the HELLA team made a series of previously concealed discoveries. First, the massive volume of cycle-time data available from Drishti quickly revealed slowdowns in stations that were not originally the focus of improvement efforts. Second, by watching video footage from the identified station, the team understood that the physical station configuration was slowing down the line associates.

In fact, the station setup was causing ergonomic concerns. Because the line associate was reaching with his right arm across to the left side of the station, each cycle required a twisting motion that led to fatigue.

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An AGV doesn't have to break the bank

As the capabilities of automated guided vehicles expand, people may be overthinking AGV ownership. For many smaller companies there are low-cost AGV solutions that will work for them. We talk with Mike Kotzian of Kivnon.

K05 Twister: Small and rotational automated guided vehicle

How Kivnon AGVs work

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By: Bill Kalmar

For years, when I was the director of the Michigan Quality Council during Gov. John Engler’s administration, we reviewed businesses across the state and looked for world-class service. What we found was that meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers was of paramount importance. And companies who practiced that stood head and shoulders above other companies.

Having said that, I marvel at the ads that herald “Customers are No. 1,” or “We treat you like family.” In my mind, aren’t these just givens? I would hope that as customers we’re the No. 1 when we come into a store or order something online. That seems rather logical. So why do companies have to advertise it? Just wondering.

Then there’s the comment about us being treated like family. Now let me be a bit critical here. I guess it would be nice to be treated like family if we all had the typical Ozzie and Harriet family. But I suspect that isn’t always the case. Thus, are we sure we want to be treated like our family? Again, just wondering.

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(AS-Schneider: Nordheim, Germany) -- In natural gas storage facilities in underground salt caverns, hydrates can easily form in the pipes, clogging them and making regular measurement of the gas pressure massively difficult. To prevent crystal accumulations, there is the possibility of heating the gas—until now a technically complex procedure.

A development by AS-Schneider simplifies the procedure: The heatable sampling probe generates the necessary heat, prevents hydrate formation, and enables accurate and process-safe measurements.

The copper ball valve is robust and enables safe and efficient operation.

AS-Schneider has designed the heatable sampling probe to be compact. This makes it easy to install.

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By: Quality Digest

(Olympus Corp.: Tokyo) -- Olympus announced the completion of the separation of its Scientific Solutions business to a wholly owned subsidiary, Evident Corp. Following Olympus’ divestiture of its imaging business, this move further signifies the company’s long-term strategy to cement its position as a major player in the medtech industry.

The proposed split was first announced in June 2021. As a newly established, wholly owned subsidiary, Evident, headquartered in Japan, continues to operate independently under the Olympus umbrella.

Olympus’ Scientific Solutions business encompassed the company’s industrial and life science businesses. The reorganization will give the Scientific Solutions business the autonomy and agility to respond quickly and more flexibly to the needs of industrial and life science customers.