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By: Kate Zabriskie

From time to time we all have to send our suppliers or customers packing. Does the following client relationship sound familiar? About 100 of her clients use her services once a year. They expect champagne service on a beer budget, and they pull her attention away from the people she works with regularly. This group is weighing her down, and after some soul searching, she’s decided they’ve got to go. Her business is running her, and it’s not working.

Or how about these?

• Plain and simple, he doesn’t like working with them. They pay late, they always look for extras, and they’re generally unpleasant. Life’s too short, he doesn’t need the work, and today is the day he’s pulling the plug.

• They pay their bills on time, they’re as regular as clockwork, but they’re no longer profitable. They’ve been great clients, and she dreads having to tell them they’re no longer a fit. Nevertheless, due to resource constraints, it’s got to be done.

From time to time and for myriad reasons, service providers need to let a client or class of clients go. As with any other difficult conversation, there’s a right way and a wrong way to make the decision and break the news.

Step one: Be methodical when making the decision

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By: Gleb Tsipursky

It’s too bad that so many rely on their intuition for their decision-making process. From former President Donald Trump, to Steve Jobs, and even allegedly Mark Twain, gut reactions are viewed as something almost magical, acquired either by hard-earned experience or possessed by a select few young genius CEOs who deserve a top-notch pay package. Top gurus reinforce such beliefs with their advice.

Yet research in behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience shows that even one training session can significantly improve the quality of one’s decision-making ability.

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By: Quality Digest

(Brunson Instrument Co.: Kansas City, MO) -- With the August 2021 release of ISO 10360-10:2021, laser tracker end users can now test their instruments in the field with a simplified, internationally approved ISO process—in less than 30 minutes.

“Laser trackers and laser radars are mechanical systems that rely on the relative positions of components within the instrument,” said Mark Meuret, Brunson Instrument Company’s Director of Engineering. “These sensitive and highly accurate components can be thrown off, creating misalignment and geometric error sources,” he added.

ISO Guidelines for Frequency of Interim Field-Testing

(Excerpt from Annex E of ISO 10360-10:2021)