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By: Bretta Kelly

Back in January 2009, I wrote an article for Quality Digest titled “ISO 9001 Documentation Is Like a Box of Chocolates.” Here we are, almost 10 years later, all of the ISO 9001 and related standards have been updated, yet companies still misunderstand what to document, how to document, or why to document procedures for their quality management systems (QMS).

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By: Anthony D. Burns, Michael McLean

The control chart is at the heart of the very definition of quality. It is central to building, maintaining, and predicting quality into the future. However, control charts today, more often than not, are misused and misunderstood. The aim of this article is to show not only how control charts are misunderstood, but also how control charts, when properly understood, are easy to use by any employee.

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By: Mike Richman

An industry, and even more so any individual company, is only as strong as its pipeline of incoming talent. This week on QDL we looked at this topic from a few different angles. Here’s what we covered at greater length:

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By: Dirk Dusharme @ Quality Digest

In this episode we look at bioethics, next-gen manufacturing employees, and the death of Le Grand K.

What happens if customers want designer babies? We discuss the latest news about a Chinese researcher who claims to have edited the genes of two babies. Should society draw a line in the sand?

Zavanta: Policy & SOP Communication for the 21st Century

Zavanta: Policy & SOP Communication for the 21st Century

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By: Mike Richman

One of our favorite things on our show is to welcome guests, either via Skype or live in the studio. And this week, we were joined by three of our great partners. Here’s a closer look:

Interview: Nicole Radziwill of Intelex