Hexagon GD&T Class for PC-DMIS Users

Hexagon GD&T Class for PC-DMIS Users

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This class was designed specifically for PC-DMIS users by PC-DMIS instructors, and provides both a complete overview of the GD&T Y14.5 standard and practical application of those standards to the XactMeasure GD&T function of PC-DMIS.


This class focuses on practical, real-word examples from everyday metrology use, and techniques for successful application of the standards using PC-DMIS metrology software. All GD&T symbols and modifiers are discussed, as well as the application of how modifiers are applied in PC-DMIS in single segment and composite feature control frames. This three day course is for PC-DMIS users of all levels, and prior GD&T coursework is not required.


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