TechnorazziLive: Introduction to Large Scale 3-D Laser Scanners

TechnorazziLive: Introduction to Large Scale 3-D Laser Scanners

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The world as we know it today is evolving from 2-D to 3-D. One of the brightest spots in geospatial technologies is the continuous development of 3-D laser scanning. Archaic forms of documentation such as blueprints and 2-D schematic drawings are being replaced by 3-D point cloud interactive visualizations.


Laser scanners utilize non-contact laser technology to generate virtual highly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and large scale geometries in a matter of minutes. The resulting 3-D image of a laser scanner is a collaboration of millions of 3-D measurements providing an accurate digital documentation of as-built conditions. Accident reconstruction, as-built documentation, asset/facility management, crime scene/forensic analysis, inspection/reverse engineering, surveying and virtual simulation are just some of the typical applications designed for laser scanners.


In this video demo you will see a 3-D laser scanner in action and witness the power of millions of data points in a matter of minutes. Watch as we scan large scale items and manipulate the 3-D image in real-time. You will be amazed at what this technology can do.