Technorazzi Live: Leica AT401 Absolute Tracker Demo

Technorazzi Live: Leica AT401 Absolute Tracker Demo

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Video demonstration of Hexagon Metrology's latest absolute tracker, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401. Weighing only 17.6 pounds, including the controller, and measuring just over 11 inches tall, the unit in its case will fit in an airplane's overhead luggage bin.


The Leica AT401 has the largest measurement volume of any laser tracker. The sensor provides a certified radial range of 80 meters and a working range of 160 meters (160 m and 320 m diameters, respectively). Coupled with an unrestricted vertical measurement dome of 290º (+/-145º), the result is a tracker with more than twice the measuring volume of conventional trackers. Setting new standards for ADM accuracy, the absolute distance meter (ADM) in the AT401 has a maximum uncertainty of just 10 microns (0.00039 in) over the full certified volume.


In this demo we measure a large aerospace tool at Coast Aerospace Manufacturing in Southern California. Coast is an award winning aerospace manufacturing company whose clients include Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Bell Helicopter, NASA, and more.