Romer Omega Entry Level Laser Scanning System

Romer Omega Entry Level Laser Scanning System

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Affordable reverse engineering solution combines ROMER 7-axis arm flexibility and laser probe technology with powerful PC-DMIS Reshaper software.


OMEGA — the most economical and efficient tool for multi¬purpose measurement. R-Scan — the fast, easy-to-use and affordable laser probe ideally suited to 3D scanning. PC-DMIS Reshaper — a complete 3D point-cloud processing software for users who need to handle rapidly generated point cloud files and high-quality 3D meshes at an affordable price.


• R-Scan's simple design, plus the Omega arm's patented infinite rotation, allows for easy scanning of difficult-to¬reach areas.


• Non-contact laser point scanning ensures easy, guided measurement. You get total capability ideal for reverse engineering applications, with speed, repeatability, a real-time display as well as automatic color recognition.


• Technology plus peace of mind: ROMER supports and warranties the complete digitizing system — arm, probe and software.


ROMER is a brand of a Hexagon Metrology.


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